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How to play chords: 7th chord, Major 7th and Minor 7th

To expand on a previous video on major and minor chords, today we’re also going to look at how to play chords – the various 7th chords. These are very common in music of all kinds, whether you’re printing off some pop from the internet, or reading through Beethoven – so let’s jump into it!

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What is a diminished Chord? Beginner Piano

Today for PianoTV’s Halloween Week, we’re going to talk about the question “What is a diminished chord?”, especially the diminished 7th, because it’s a very dark, tense, dissonant chord.

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Major and Minor Chords: Learn in minutes, by ear

    Hi friends! Chord theory is something I often teach to adult beginners in the early days – even if you don’t have much experience, having a good understanding of chords and chord theory can make learning all kinds of pop songs easier (like when you look up chords to some tune on the…

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