Piano Goals & Planning: Prepping for Success

I’m a big believer in setting goals, regardless of what it is you’re learning. Goals give us something to aim for. They push us to do more than we think we’re capable of. Without goals, practice becomes aimless, and progress isn’t quite as pronounced.

The following are videos on setting piano goals and planning for success.

Setting Piano Goals




If you’re just getting into goal setting and piano, this is the first video worth checking out. It goes through a process of questions to figure out the larger and smaller goals you really care about accomplishing.

This video gets into the deeper “why” of practicing piano. Why learn piano at all? What’s the point? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, you might find this video helpful.

Motivation & Inspiration




Some suggestions for actually keeping your goals once you set them, instead of abandoning them a month later.

Sometimes our motivation is sky-high and practicing is a breeze. At other times, practicing for even a few minutes feels like a struggle. This video addresses this problem, with some suggestions on how to find balance.

This livestream featured the topic of inspiration, and I answered all of your questions related to inspiration and motivation.

If you’re looking for inspiration, nature is always a great resource. This fun video looks at various composers who have been inspired by nature over the years.

Fun Challenges





This is a challenge I started in September 2017. It’s a 30 day challenge of deep listening to Classical music. Check out my Spotify playlist if you’d like to do your own listening challenge!

Every year, the Piano World forum does a fun challenge – to learn 40 pieces a year. People from all over the world participate in this challenge, and it’s a great way to practice accountability with friends.

Mental shifts





So much of learning involves your mind frame. If you assume you’ll be mediocre, you’ll be mediocre. But what about approaching piano from the vantage point of an aspiring master?