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The PianoTV courses are at a beginner-ish level (ranging from level 1-3, or late beginner to early intermediate), and blend pop and Classical styles. My teacher always taught me a hybrid style – learning chords and improv right alongside our Bach and Chopin – and that’s how I like to teach as well.

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The Design Your Own Piano Path course allows you to take control of your piano education by learning what to learn. It will help you understand your own playing level, how to choose appropriate pieces to practice, which collections are crucial for any piano player to explore, what concepts you should be learning at each level, and much more.

There are worksheets and essential resources to accompany the lessons so that you get the most out of the course. This course is designed to be used for many years; your companion and guide as you progress. It’s not meant to be a one-off – something you work through and forget – but rather something to refer to again and again

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The Songwriting Workshop Music Theory Basics course will be suitable to people at virtually all levels of piano. This is because we’re not studying one piece in particular – rather, we’ll be picking at a lot of pieces and doing a ton of writing.  We’re aiming to master an understanding.

The beauty of using songwriting as a learning tool is that the end result will be a handful of music you wrote yourself, not just a pile of finished theory worksheets (though there will be those too).

I recommend that you have several years of piano under your belt before joining this course. You need to be comfortable reading notes all across the staff, have a decent understanding of rhythm, and a little bit of chord know-how will help too.

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The 30 Days of Piano course is PianoTV’s first – and flagship – course.

There are 30 lessons that can be completed one per day, or they can be learned at your leisure.

This course has relative beginners in mind, and ambitiously covers a lot of ground. It’s meant as a broad introduction to a variety of topics, such as chords, rhythm, sight reading, and left hand patterns.

Every day features a technical exercise to try, lessons where we work through several pieces (and several other pieces on the side),  and homework assignments – all complete with PDFs.

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The 6 Week Mini Course is an extension of the 30 Days of Piano Course for those wanting a deeper dive. However, you don’t need to have completed the 30 Days course to do this one – they are independent of each other.

This course focuses on learning one piece, start to finish: Comptine d’un autre été: l’après midi by Yann Tiersen. This piece is best approached by those at a Level 3 or higher (earlier levels can still give this a try, though it’ll take longer and be more of a challenge).

There are six lessons, which were released weekly, as well as six Q&A sessions. The Q&A sessions feature recordings by participants of all levels, and were a way to personalize the learning experience. It’s been very helpful to others as well!

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Many people dream of writing a song but never learn the basics of making something catchy and memorable.  In the Pop Song Challenge course I teach you how you how you can write a pop song in 30 days.

The four main topics we’ll cover are chords, emotion in music, melody and lyrics. Each of these topics are explored throughout the duration of a week by using popular songs as examples and by working on your own composition.

Relative beginners (with a bit of piano know-how) are welcome to join this course, as are people who aren’t comfortable reading sheet music (or would like to become less dependent on sheet music).

Learn Chopin's Famous Waltz in A Minor

This is a 4-week deep dive into one of Chopin’s most famous pieces – which also happens to be a great entry-level Chopin piece. This course is completely free to join!

In this course, we work through two versions of the piece – the original version (grade 6 level), and a simplified version (grade 1-2 level). If you’d like to improve your practice habits with step-by-step practice suggestions, and learn a really cool piece at the same time, you’ll want to give this free course a try.