Free Piano Lessons by Grade/Level

In this section of the page, I've rounded up the piano lessons by grade that I've done so far (up to Grade 2 at present).

These grade levels are based off the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music), but they're similar to the ABRSM.

It's okay if you don't follow either system - you can consider it a step-by-step roadmap if you're a beginner, or if you have been playing a while.

Preparatory Level

Preparatory level is everything from complete beginner to Grade 1 RCM/ABRSM.

Young students will usually spend a couple years at this level, while older students and adults probably spend anywhere from 4 months to a year here.

To view the Preparatory Level Youtube Playlist, click here.

You can find the preparatory level page here, and it has a little blurb explaining each lesson, and what the point of it is when you're honing your piano skills.

Some tutorials explain more concepts than the blurb specifies, so be sure to follow at least most of the tutorials to get the most out of your studies!

Grade 1 Level

For most adult students, Grade 1 extends for 6 months to a year, but that depends on commitment and how much time you spend playing.

This is where your study of “simple” Baroque dances begins in earnest, expressive playing skills are developed, and inventions and canons are studied for hand independence.

To view the Grade 1 Level YouTube Playlist, click here.

You can find the Grade 1 level page here. It has a little blurb explaining each lesson, and why I think it’s a good idea for you to learn it.

When you’re doing piano lessons by grade, it’s important not to skip too much, because the pieces will start to feel too challenging.

Most of all, you’ll want to play pieces that stretch you within your limits, not frustrate you.

Grade 2 Level

Just like Grade 1 piano, Grade 2 extends about 6 months to a year, depending on your skills and practice habit – and Grade 2 tends to be similar to grade 1 as well, but with more challenges.

Grade 2 is a time of exploring more genres, getting better at Baroque music and inventions, and improving your pedal technique and hand coordination.

You can find the Grade 2 level page here. As always, it has a little blurb explaining each lesson.

Grade 3 Level

Grade 3 is the first intermediate-level grade (preparatory through grade 2 all falls under the “beginner” umbrella). I generally classify grade 3 as early intermediate. Because of this, my students typically spend a year or so at this level (adults and children alike).

You can find the Grade 3 level page here. As always, it has a little blurb explaining each lesson.

A note that the grade 3 level content is not yet finished – it’s my plan to continuously update this page as I create more videos. Thanks for your patience!


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