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This course is intended to get you started teaching piano. I’ll walk you through the process of starting your own home studio (or having a mobile studio), working at a music school, preparing lessons, goal setting, pricing and more.

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So you want to be a piano teacher...

Teaching piano is for passionate, self-motivated and driven people who want to set their own schedule and live by their own rules. Most piano teachers don’t have a boss, and teach in the way that they want. Meaning: teachers have full responsibility over the musical education of their students, for better or for worse.

As a piano teacher, the work that you do really matters. You’re not just an anonymous person in a company – you form a direct, often years-long relationship with the person you’re teaching. The benefit of this is enormous – deep personal satisfaction that comes with a sense of contribution and impact. The drawback is also worth considering – you can’t zone out, you have to make every decision, and worst of all, you could give someone a bad taste in their mouths for piano, forever.

My intent with this course is to give you some suggestions for building your studio and structuring your teaching so that it’s sustainable and enjoyable for you, and so that your students stick around and have a positive experience in your class. You’ll have access to all of the materials I created for myself over the years, and some of my best advice for making teaching piano work for you.


How The Complete Path for Piano Teachers Works

I’ve organized this course such that it follows a logical, sequential pacing to help get your studio up-and-running (or to enhance your existing practice). Here are some of the things you’ll find inside the course:

Hours of video content

The course has 8 units, and each unit has approximately 45 to 75 minutes of video content. It’s comprehensive!

Audio files

Every lesson has a corresponding downloadable audio file, and each unit can be conveniently downloaded as a unit for on-the-go learning.

Assignments for each lesson

20+ worksheets that correspond with the video lessons will help you apply the information you’re learning. You’ll brainstorm, plan, and take action!

Time-saving resources

I’ve provided easy-to-download resources from my studio – goal sheets, schedule charts, studio policies documents, recital documents, and much more.

Course Details:

If you’re anything like me, you like knowing the exact details of what’s inside a course. Below is a full outline of every lesson in the challenge. (Click to expand)

Learn abut the required experience and credentials needed to teach piano, and organizations you can join. We’ll talk about your teaching style and philosophy, assessing your strengths and weaknesses, and how to then go about finding your very first students.

Before you even begin meeting with students, what do you need to have ready? We’ll talk about setting up your studio, creating your schedule, creating your studio policies document, the financial aspects of teaching, and creating general lesson plan templates to get you started.

This section is about why that first meeting is absolutely crucial, and how to plan for it accordingly. We’ll also go over forms you’ll want to have on hand for that first meeting, and how to advise your students on materials for upcoming lessons.

How do you create an amazing first lesson for your new student? We discuss this, sharing examples, as well as discussing what materials and handouts you’ll need, the pros and cons of incentive materials and how to use them, and modifying/creating lesson plans each week.

We cover how to set long-term goals for (and with!) your students so that lessons have purpose and direction. We’ll talk about setting the schedule each year, and get into the quirks of summer lessons.

This section dives into each element of performance a student might experience, and how to plan and prepare for each of them.

I have less experience teaching online than I do offline, but I’ll share a few of the pros and cons of each approach, as well as some tech and tools I use to make online lessons possible.

This unit contains closing comments as well as a large swath of downloads for you to enjoy.

About Me:

Hi! I'm Allysia.

Hi! I’m Allysia van Betuw, the creator and host of PianoTV. My channel has over 120k subscribers and my videos have been viewed over 7 million times.

I created this course because I’ve learned a lot over the years about piano teaching, and I’ve developed a lot of useful resources. It seemed silly to hoard all of them to myself! I wanted to offer you something I never had when I started teaching piano – a clear path.


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