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PianoTV school

The PianoTV school is a series of step-by-step, online, interactive lessons in a group course format. In addition to the Prep A + B classes, the next level – Grade 1 – will be available to join by the end of December.

Complete Piano Path Level A and B are each approximately 20 weeks long, with 20 pieces to learn, video tutorials, weekly technique and sight reading exercises, and the opportunity to participate in a high-quality group forum and receive feedback on your pieces from me.

Since these are group courses, I only open each course twice per year. That way, everyone can learn together, working through the same material at the same time. Please join the waitlist for any class you’re interested in joining, so you’re the first to know when class opens, and  to get access to special promotions.

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The Complete Piano Path Level A course is for complete beginners. It’s a 21-lesson program walking you through the fundamentals at a relatively fast pace.  You’ll enjoy a group environment, live feedback sessions, and much more.

Classes open in March 2022. Join the waitlist!

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The Complete Piano Path level B course is for progressing beginners, and is the continuation of concepts learned in CPP-A. It features 20 lessons, step-by-step instruction, and group camaraderie – just like CPP-A. 

Classes open in April 2022. Join the waitlist!

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The Complete Piano Path Level 1 (CPP-1) will open for registration in December 2021. Join the waitlist and stay tuned for details!