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PianoTV school

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The PianoTV school is a series of step-by-step, online, interactive lessons in a group course format. Click here to learn more about the format of classes.

The beginner stage of piano runs from Complete Piano Path, Level A for complete beginners, through CPP-2, for advanced beginners. Click here to check out the four piano classes at this stage.

The intermediate stage begins with CPP-3, which is equivalent to Grade 3 piano. Click here for more information on Grade 3.

Lesson timeline: Lessons are taught from September through the beginning of December, and then January through April, with some classes (CPP-1 and CPP-2) running until the end of May. Note that there will be slight variations to this in the 2023-2024 lesson season as I adapt classes to a new format. Generally speaking, there will be no lessons in the summer. Students are encouraged to find their own projects to enjoy at this time. 

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All lessons include weekly pieces to learn, lesson plans and weekly checklists, video tutorials, weekly technique and sight reading exercises, and the opportunity to participate in a high-quality group forum and receive feedback on your pieces from me. To see an example of what a class lesson looks like, click here.

Class openings: Since these are group courses, they only open twice per year (August/December). That way, everyone can learn together, working through the same material at the same time. Please join the waitlist for any class you’re interested in joining, so you’re the first to know when class opens, and to get access to special promotions.

Beginner Classes

CPP-A for complete beginners, and its follow-up class, CPP-B, can be done in one of two ways:

  1. As a two-semester set of 26 lessons (ideal for students who want to progress more slowly)
  2. As an accelerated class with 13 lessons (one semester)

Going the first route, one would be ready to begin Grade 1 (CPP-1) after two years of study, whereas the accelerated route prepares students to begin Grade 1 after one year.

The CPP-1 and CPP-2 classes each have 30 lessons, with two semesters (one semester has 13 lessons, and the other has 17). This means each level takes one year to complete.

Course Info

The Complete Piano Path Level A course is for complete beginners. It’s a 1- or 2-semester program walking you through the fundamentals.  You’ll enjoy a group environment, live feedback sessions, and much more. Depending on your starting point, you can decide if you’d like to do this class in 2 semesters (26 lessons) or an accelerated 1-semester version.

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Course Info

The Complete Piano Path level B course is for progressing beginners, and is the continuation of concepts learned in CPP-A. It features 1 or 2 semesters of step-by-step instruction, and group camaraderie – just like CPP-A. An accelerated version of this class is open as well (opens in December 2023).

Classes open in fall 2023. Join the waitlist!

Course Info

The Complete Piano Path Level 1 (CPP-1) for advancing beginners is equivalent to Grade 1 in the RCM/ABRSM. It consists of 30 lessons with roughly one piece per week (more if you include some of the supplemental pieces). This course has a short list of required books – but don’t worry, none of the early lessons rely on these. You’ll have a chance to order them at the beginning of lessons. 

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Course Info

The Complete Piano Path Level 2 (CPP-2) course is for advanced beginners, and is the final beginner stage in piano before moving on to the intermediate levels. It features 30 lessons, a similar amount of pieces, and a short list of required books just like with Level 1.  

Classes open in December 2023. Join the waitlist!

Intermediate Classes

CPP-3 for early intermediate students is a new class beginning in September 2023, and features the following:

  1. 26 lessons divided between two semesters (one year of study)
  2. An overarching theme for each semester (semester 1: sonatinas, and semester 2: baroque dance suite)

There are less pieces in this class than in previous ones, and quite a few pieces are to be selected by students from a long list, allowing for a more customized learning plan.

Course Info

The Complete Piano Path Level 3 (CPP-3) for early intermediate students is equivalent to Grade 3 in the RCM/ABRSM. It consists of 26 lessons with roughly 2-3 pieces per month, in addition to some supplemental pieces. This course has a short list of required books, which you’ll have a chance to order them at the beginning of lessons. See the RCM syllabus (Grade 3 section) to get a sense of what kinds of pieces are at this level.

Classes open in fall 2023. Join the waitlist!

Class Format

The Complete Piano Path classes use three main platforms:

  1. Zoom (for the live feedback sessions)
  2. A private forum (where recordings and notes are shared)
  3. Teachable (the platform all of the class lessons can be found)

All live feedback sessions are recorded and occur on a mostly-weekly basis. The private forum is independent of social media platforms, and is a lovely space in which to connect. 

Screenshot of the forum homepage.

Things to remember:

  • The Zoom feedback sessions are optional to attend, but highly recommended. Not only will the sessions enhance your understanding of the pieces you’re learning, but it’s a great way to share camaraderie with your fellow learners.

  • The Zoom sessions occur weekly, with each session at a different time (to accommodate diverse time zones). 

Class timelines and registration

Fall classes:

On August 21, 2023, the following classes will open for registration:

  • CPP-A Tangerine Class
  • CPP-A/B Dark Green Class (accelerated)
  • CPP-B Periwinkle Class
  • CPP-2 Blue Class (begins October)
  • CPP-3 Dark Blue Class

In late December, the following classes will open for registration:

  • CPP-1 Green class
  • CPP-2 Purple Class
  • CPP-3 Yellow Class

Note that the colours are to organize the groups on the calendar and in the forum. They can be thought of as “team colours.”

Also note that all classes which begin in September continue throughout the winter term.