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Regular Price $177

The Design Your Own Piano Path course allows you to take control of your piano education by learning what to learn. It will help you understand your own playing level, how to choose appropriate pieces to practice, which collections are crucial for any piano player to explore, what concepts you should be learning at each level, and much more.


Regular Price $97

The 30 Days of Piano course is PianoTV’s first – and flagship – course.

There are 30 lessons that can be completed one per day, or they can be learned at your leisure.

This course has relative beginners in mind, and ambitiously covers a lot of ground. It’s meant as a broad introduction to a variety of topics, such as chords, rhythm, sight reading, and left hand patterns.


Regular Price $97

Many people dream of writing a song but never learn the basics of making something catchy and memorable.  In the Pop Song Challenge course I teach you how you how you can write a pop song in 30 days.


Regular Price $49

The 6 Week Mini Course focuses on learning one piece, start to finish: Comptine d’un autre été: l’après midi by Yann Tiersen. 

Regular Price $49

The Songwriting Workshop Music Theory Basics course will be suitable to people at virtually all levels of piano. This is because we’re not studying one piece in particular – rather, we’ll be picking at a lot of pieces and doing a ton of writing.  We’re aiming to master an understanding.

Bonus Course

This is a 4-week deep dive into one of Chopin’s most famous pieces – which also happens to be a great entry-level Chopin piece. 

In addition you'll get access to:

Online Piano Con $97

In the summer of 2019, I hosted the internet’s first piano convention featuring 20+ influential piano players and teachers across the internet. We discuss all aspects of music from sight reading to ear playing, and you’ll have an opportunity to learn from Bill Hilton, Josh Wright, Johnny May, Scott Houston and many more fabulous people. This convention is packed with bonus material as well, including PDF downloads for every session and an action step booklet so that you can take what you’ve learned to the piano with you.

Monthly Group Meeting $50

Each month I host a private Zoom meeting for a small group of people at all ages and stages of learning the piano. Participants have the opportunity to send me a recording (video or audio) of a piece they’re working on in order to receive personal feedback from me. These live piano lessons are a lot of fun – even if you simply sit in to watch. All group lessons are recorded, so you’ll have access to them even if you aren’t able to attend live.

Ultimate Piano TV Bundle

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  • Design Your Own Piano Path - $177
  • 30 Days of Piano - $97
  • Pop Song Challenge - $97
  • Online Piano Con - $97
  • Monthly Group Lesson $50
  • Song Shop - $49
  • 6 Week Mini Course - $49
  • Bonus Chopin Course

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