Play Chopin's Famous Waltz in A Minor

I’ll teach you the standard and simplified versions of Chopin’s Waltz in A minor, deconstructed, so you can perform it in a month. Learn the meaning of the music instead of just copying the motions!

A Little Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Allysia van Betuw. I am the the creator and host of PianoTV. My videos have been viewed over 7 million times.

For over 15 years, I’ve been teaching piano to people of all ages and levels, from three-year-old beginners to retired adults.

Why this course?

People really like Chopin. I’ve been asked by virtually all of my students over the years to help them learn a piece by Chopin, and as such, I’ve taught some of his pieces countless times. This Waltz in A Minor is no exception. I’ve had so many students want to learn this intermediate-level piece, but I also see these students experience plenty of pitfalls.

About the Free Course

This course spans four weeks of lessons and is a reflection of how I teach it in my piano studio. My hope is for you to gain new practice skills in addition to learning this wonderful piece.
In this course, we’ll cover:
  • How to start learning a Classical piece from scratch
  • Phrasing, expression and playing beautifully
  • Putting a piece hands together
  • Playing with the metronome
  • Speeding up a piece
  • Bringing a piece to performance level
  • Playing rubato

What You'll Get in This Course

4 Weeks of lessons

There are four lessons in total (1 per week), each with several study videos to help you learn and play this piece. Each week, I'll give you a specific and concrete assignment to make sure you're progressing.

Good for (relative) beginners AND intermediate students

I teach two versions of Chopin's Waltz in this course - a simplified version that I created (suitable for students at level 1 or 2), and the original version (suitable for students around level 6). This way, more people can participate and learn the nuts and bolts of this excellent waltz.

Complete instructions

I teach this waltz over the course of one month, in four lessons, the way I would in a regular piano studio. Think of this as having a piano teacher at your side, coaching you through the process of learning and practicing this piece.

Lesson 1

Deconstructing the Waltz

1.1 - The Story of Chopin's Waltz

1.2 What is a Waltz?

1.3 Exercise: Listen to Chopin's Waltz

1.4 Introduction to the Waltz on the Keyboard

1.5 Exercise: Chords of the Waltz

1.6 Exercise: Learning the Melody

1.7 Lesson 1 Assignment

Lesson 3

Rubato and Putting it All Together

3.1 Rubato

3.2 Exercise: Playing Rubato

3.3 Exercise: Learning the C Section

3.4 Lesson 3 Assignment

Lesson 2

Mapping the Piece, Trills and Arpeggios

2.1 Song Form

2.2 Exercise: Trills

2.3 Exercise: B Section Arpeggio

2.4 Working Through the B Section

2.5 Lesson 2 Assignment

Lesson 4


4.1 How to Bring a Piece to Performance Level

4.2 Getting the Waltz Up to Speed

4.3 Lesson 4 Assignment

Ready to begin? Let’s get started!

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