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Join us for 30 days of live piano lessons focusing on a variety of techniques, skills and styles, so you can have some fun, get out of a practice rut, and join a like-minded community.

30 Days of Piano: The Details

Take a look at the video explaining all the details of this piano course. Learn how to practice smarter and kick-start your studies!

30 Full Lessons

For every day in September 2018, I hosted a 30-minute video call (often more like 40 minutes). These were hosted live for the original attendees to participate in, but each and every recording has been saved and archived, so that you can go through the course at your own pace.


We've saved the chat sessions from those live calls as well, and you'll still get a sense of community by participating in the Facebook group.


The best part? You'll have access to the video lessons forever.

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Well-rounded and Organized Lessons

I taught these sessions like I teach in my studio - with a balanced approach between pop and Classical. This course is organized and step-by-step, with a focus on playing pieces, a daily lesson theme, and exercises to try each day.


Each video has a corresponding PDF reviewing the lesson, complete with a checklist. You'll also find PDFs of the exercises used and pieces played.


There is also a PDF file of the resources mentioned along the way, a PDF homework file, and other tools.

Suitable for Relative Beginners

This course is designed with relative beginners in mind. This is the student who has been playing a year or two, understands some of the basics, but is unsure what or how to learn. They may be stuck, bored, or in need of a refresher.

For absolute beginners, I've created this handy starter guide to make sure you understand the fundamentals before joining the group.

Accessible Pricing – $97 USD

The pricing for this course is deliberately kept simple and straightforward. It's a one-time fee that grants you access to the content forever. There aren't any subscription fees, tiers or refunds.


I packed these 30 days with a lot of value, and it's priced to be an easy yes for the majority of my viewers and mailing list subscribers.

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Thanks Allysia for putting together a truly wonderful course (and thanks to Logan for the background support)!


I took a few lessons with a piano teacher, but there wasn't any structure and I couldn't really see where we were headed with the lessons. I really enjoyed how organized and structured your lessons were! It gave me a new perspective on what piano lessons are about, provided a better approach to practice sessions, and has inspired me to take up piano once more (fingers crossed this time it'll last).


Thanks once again!



Pi Jie

Compliments are in order. You have a gift that stands apart. Your ability to compartmentalize complex information and deliver it in bite sized pieces is outstanding. Your candor is charming and I love that your bookcase is not in perfect order. You come across authentic, genuine and honest and that is refreshing.


The “ah ha” moments for me were the technical and structural aspects that you provided. I did not understand scales, triads, chords or how they work together. The course provided foundations that I was missing. Maybe I am a tech nerd or it is my designer brain but I had so many questions and was struggling with how to make sense of it all. You painted a picture that was full of color and details. You gave a view of the completed painting “the big picture” and then you broke it into lessons of how to get there.


I now have a confidence about how to navigate the piano. You truly have charted a piano course that will last a lifetime. I can’t begin to thank you enough.


My best,

Key Topics:

Here are some of the topics we'll cover during our 30 days together:


Understand how to learn a piece of music from start to finish, using several pieces that we'll work together on

Learn how to use the left hand in a variety of ways, instead of using just solid chords - this makes your simple pieces sound more interesting

Hands-on technique: Each day will come with a new technical exercise to improve your playing, as well as improve your understanding of music

Why it's worth bridging the gap between pop and Classical, and how pop music can help you better learn and understand Classical music

Discussion of topics such as motivation, how to practice with limited time, how to practice properly, how to polish a piece, and more

Rhythm skills, such as using a metronome, playing 8th notes properly, challenging time signatures like 3/4 and 6/8, and more

Make sense of common chords, chord progressions and complicated chords


The idea is to take away some of the overwhelm and confusion that comes along with learning piano, especially learning piano without a teacher.



I wanted to add a few extra bonus gifts to help you out with this 30-day group project. There's so much free content on that it can be challenging to sift through it, no matter how much I try to keep the information organized. These are re-formatted and re-purposed content from the website which I think you'll find directly helpful on your journey.

Beginner Sheet Music Collection (PDF)

This is a 58-page collection of all the beginner sheet music on PianoTV. On the website, individual PDFs are available for download alongside each video, but here they've been conveniently packaged together. Each of these sheets has a corresponding tutorial if you'd like to learn them.

Scale Chart (PDF)

This set of 4 PDFs includes a chart of each major and minor scale (both in color and in black and white). Our video editor is a great designer and I find these really useful - we created them for the website, and I've been using them in my studio ever since.

Audio Collection

I've curated 15 discussion-type PTV videos for this course and converted them to audio. They're meant to educate and inspire you as you go along your journey, and can be listened to podcast-style (one of my favorite ways to consume media).




Allysia, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful course.   Last night I was at yoga and during meditation I was lying on my mat and this absolutely beautiful instrumental piano piece started playing....I mean this piece was spectacular....  at first I thought I can't wait to be able to play the piano like this some day and then after listening carefully to the piece I could actually decode the piece!!   I could actually, with a little practice, play this piece.   The left hand was chords in the multiple variations you have shown us.  Bottom, top top and so on.   I actually understood the whole piece.   I am so excited.  I am going to ask my yoga teacher the name of that piece and I plan to learn that piece.   Thanks so much.  I am so completely thrilled with your course and I have learned so much.



I think the course was great, how you did it.  Even those of us who struggled with the harder concepts and pieces, you kept us motivated to continue, and kept repeating how much of what we were learning can be re-looked at months (or years!) down the track.

I really enjoyed being part of the "live" lessons and it worked so well for us having the 10 am time slot in Australia!!  I agree with you that the community aspect was a big plus - whether "live" or on Facebook. However, I found that when I couldn't be part of the live session, there was value in being able to stop the video, replay etc and view the chat later.

As you say, there are pluses and minuses with the two methods.  i.e. with doing it all together as a group, and being able to work through it at your own pace. Perhaps its a case of which methods fit people's circumstances and personality.  I rather like the "let's get into it all together and do it, even though I might be overloaded for a short time...." approach.  If left on my own, then tendency would be to never quite getting around to doing it....








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