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Premium Package

What you get with the Premium Package: access to my private Facebook mastermind group, a live group coaching session with me, eight hours of in-depth Q&A session recordings, 6 exclusive bonus videos, and much more!


Allysia here.

I just relaunched the Premium version of my Design Your Own Piano Path course.

Since you purchased the Standard Package in February, I’d love to offer you the opportunity to access the Premium Package, if so desired!

I’ve included tons of bonus material for Premium members. You’ll get access to my private Facebook mastermind group, a live group coaching session with me, 8 hours of in-depth Q&A session recordings, 6 bonus videos to help improve your piano practice, and more.

I’m also including an early bird bonus for those who want to upgrade in the next 48 hours. See more details in the “Upgrade to Premium” section on this page.

Thanks so much for purchasing the course in February. Your support means the world to me!



Upgrade to Premium

$ 79 Limited time offer
  • 6 modules, 27 lessons
  • Complete downdoable e-book of all lessons
  • Audio recordings of the lessons
  • PDF files for each lesson
  • 8 exclusive course videos
  • Bonus 3-part video series on common piano mistakes
  • Access to a searchable repertoire database
  • Bonus worksheets and useful lists to accompany the lessons
  • Searchable repertoire database, includes thousands of pieces
  • Access to my exclusive, private Facebook mastermind group
  • 1 live group coaching session and Q&A with Allysia
  • 8 recorded, in-depth Q&A sessions with Allysia
  • 1+ hour bonus training video "How to Assess the Level of a Piece"
  • 6 exclusive course videos to help improve your piano practice (hand coordination, warm-up routines, memorization, and more!)
Limited Time

what customers are saying

Allysia started this course at the perfect time for me. I wasn't making very much progress with my teacher at the time, and the other online courses I had tried weren't doing the trick either. Truthfully, I was beginning to wonder if playing piano was really something I was capable of doing. This course has been a game changer for me. My motivation has come back, and as this course comes to a close I am left with the feeling of "I can do this!

The most valuable thing in this course in my opinion is that you get the tools you need to create a path for yourself once the course is complete. I now have no issues finding music that I enjoy and am capable of playing. I can not recommend this course enough. It is worth every penny.
Anthony M.
Piano Student
I developed more piano technique and mastered more pieces in 6 months with Allysia than in the last 18 months with a local piano teacher. I’ll happily recommend Allysia’s online piano teaching to anyone – at any level of piano study.
dede L.
Piano Student
Allysia's course has provided me with more than enough resources for the next 10-20 years! Using Allysia’s extensive core repertoire list I was able to work with her to create a better balance and introduce some easier pieces across the genres – i.e. not only classical but also modern and technique collections.
vicky K.
Piano Student
I am so happy that I took the Design Your Own Piano Path course! It has really helped me to develop as a pianist. I plan on using the material over and over again. It is set up so you track your progress, figure out what grade/level you are at and decide on what pieces to play going forward."
Juanita G.
Piano Student
Learning how to create a practice plan for the month ahead, and breaking it down week by week has by far been the most useful for me to stay on track and focused, and the weekly progress reports have kept me accountable."
Jen S.
Piano Student
Allysia’s Piano Path Course is one of the best choices I made in the time I have been playing the piano. The course is very well designed, with incredible tailor-made material and applicable to students of all levels. It has helped me organize myself better in my practice time as well as how to approach playing new and old pieces in a completely different way. It is also complementary to my piano classes I take regularly. The course and coaching sessions have helped me focus more on how to practice more efficiently, play better and really enjoy it. Allysia is not only a great teacher but a great coach too. Her feedback is very valuable and has allowed me to approach the piano in a better way. I definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to build their own path in piano playing.
Alberto S.
Piano Student
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