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30 Days of Piano: Homepage

You'll want to bookmark the homepage for the "30 days of piano" group. The address can be found here:


This is where you can access everything - the videos as they're posted, the Zoom registration link, Facebook group link, free gifts and PDFs.

Free Gifts Page

For all gifts, you can visit this link. The link to these gifts will also be available on the group main page. Enjoy. 🙂

Private Facebook group

Be sure to join our private Facebook group to hang out with fellow piano students!

You can request to join the group, and I'll manually add you - this is just to make sure it's a members-only thing.

Starter's Guide (PDF)

Also be sure to check out the Starter's Guide (PDF) before we get going on September 1st. This is the least you need to know, so it's a good chance to brush up on your skills - especially if you're a relative beginner.

Please drop me a line (ally.pianotv@gmail.com) if you have any questions.



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