Thanks for joining the 6 week mini-course!

Please see the information below for details on getting the most out of this course and next steps.

6-Week Course Portal

This is the url where all of the video recordings and materials can be found - you'll want to bookmark this page for frequent reference:


Materials and Lesson Plans

To download, print and access all materials and lesson plans, please go to the main portal:


All you'll need for the live sessions are your sheet music/technique pages (ideally printed so that you can write on the pages), something to write with, and a device to view the lessons on. A small binder or duotang would be a nice addition as well.


For the duration of the course (6 weeks), the average amount of weekly practice expected is between 2-3 hours (20-30m/day). This is for the average student - some will need more time, others less. If you're unable to devote that much time to piano practice, expect that it just might take you a little longer than 6 weeks to finish the course.


I hope you're looking forward to it - get ready to have fun and practice lots. 🙂


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