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The Best Music of Chopin: 6 Favorites

As a follow-up video to the Life and Times of Chopin, this video discusses the best music of Chopin, in my humble opinion. Here we’ll look at 6 of his very famous pieces, discuss them a little, and hear some audio clips so you can get a sense of his style.

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A Brief History of Frederic Chopin

Today’s video is on the history of Frederic Chopin, a Romantic-era composer who wrote a bunch of remarkable music for the piano. We’ll talk about his life, his love, his personality, and in a separate video (coming soon!) we’ll discuss his music in depth. Most piano players aspire to play Chopin’s works, which are generally…

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What is a Waltz? Characteristics of Waltz Music

I wanted to talk about the Waltz, a very famous and slightly modern-ish dance and genre (if you consider the 1800s – 1900s modern). We’ll talk about some of the characteristics of waltz music, and listen to famous examples on both the piano and orchestra. My hope is that this will give you a deeper…

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Baroque Keyboard Music: Basics of the Style

Today I wanted to do a video on Baroque keyboard music, because it’s very distinct and far-removed from modern styles of playing piano, and students often find it the most difficult style because it’s so foreign.

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The Devil in Music (AKA the Tritone)

Hi and welcome to the final Halloween installment this week, all about the tritone, or as it was often called in the past, “the devil in music”. This is a tone that has offended people for centuries, though our modern ears are much more desensitised to it.

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What is a Concerto? 4 Famous Examples

So what is a concerto, anyway? Concertos were a super popular song form back in the day, so I wanted to take a bit of time to delve into what they are, when they were popular, and what to expect if you choose to listen to one (or play one!).

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