Silly Piano Videos

Every now and then we get a little silly on PianoTV. This (small and hopefully growing) section is dedicated to videos that were made with a light-hearted intent, to give you something to relate to or simply a bit of laughter.




This was the first silly video we ever attempted on this channel. The slides go by too fast, but aside from that, it was tons of fun to make. Maybe you can relate to some of these piano player problems!

This was an April Fool’s video, and as such, is entirely silly.

Another silly April Fool’s video, featuring my husband Mike.

While being a completely true and informational video, I still find the content of this one to be a little silly. We discuss composers who had dear relationships with their pets (generally cats), and who even took composition inspiration from them.

Like the above video, this one is true and entirely informational – but some of these facts are funny, interesting, or just plain bizarre.

This short and sweet video is full of incredibly useful and actionable advice…I swear.

I stumbled across some truly hilarious and bizarre album covers (mainly from the 60s-80s) and had to share them with you.