30 days of piano: September 1-September 30, 2018

Join us for 30 days of live piano lessons focusing on a variety of techniques, skills and styles, so you can have some fun, get out of a practice rut, and join a like-minded community.

You can check out the video I made explaining everything about this group course, and everything will be listed below as well.


30-days of live video calls

Every day for 30 days in a row (Sept. 1-30, 2018), I’ll host a 30-minute video call that you can join live. Each call will begin at 6:00pm CST (-06:00). The meetings will be hosted on Zoom, an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed from laptops, phones and tablets, on Androids and iPhones alike..


Access to the video lessons forever

If you can’t make the live calls, the recorded videos will be available for you to watch at any time during or after the event. That way, if you find the time zone to be an issue, you’ll still be able to follow along. This also allows you to have flexible pacing, if you’d like to go slower than 1 video per day.


Open chat and private Facebook group

Each call includes a live chat, allowing you to comment and interact with others on the call. All of these chat logs will be saved and made available to look at later, just like the videos.

When you join, you’ll be invited to a private Facebook group, a members-only community for all of us to share our experiences, chat and connect. In this group you’ll be able to ask and answer questions, share your wins, and even share videos if you’d like some feedback.

Well-rounded and organized

I’ll teach on these calls like I teach in my studio – with a balanced approach between pop and Classical. This course is organized and step-by-step, with a focus on playing pieces, a daily lesson theme, and exercises to try each day. Each video has a corresponding PDF reviewing the lesson, complete with a checklist. You’ll also find PDFs of the exercises used and pieces played.


Suitable for relative beginners

This course is designed with relative beginners in mind. This is the student who understands some of the basics, but is unsure what or how to learn. They may be stuck, bored, or in need of a refresher.

For absolute beginners, I’ve created this handy starter guide to make sure you understand the fundamentals before joining the group.

Accessible pricing – $97 USD

The pricing for this course is deliberately kept simple and straightforward. It’s a one-time fee that grants you access to the content forever. There aren’t any subscription fees, tiers or refunds. I packed these 30 days with a lot of value, and it’s priced to be an easy yes for the majority of my viewers and mailing list subscribers. I explain my reasons for not offering refunds in the video if you’d like to know why I went that route.

Key topics

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover during our 30 days together:

  • Understand how to learn a piece of music from start to finish, using several pieces that we’ll work together on
  • Learn how to use the left hand in a variety of ways, instead of using just solid chords – this makes your simple pieces sound more interesting
  • Hands-on technique: Each day will come with a new technical exercise to improve your playing, as well as improve your understanding of music
  • Why it’s worth bridging the gap between pop and Classical, and how pop music can help you better learn and understand Classical music
  • Discussion of topics such as motivation, how to practice with limited time, how to practice properly, how to polish a piece, and more
  • Rhythm skills, such as using a metronome, playing 8th notes properly, challenging time signatures like 3/4 and 6/8, and more
  • Make sense of common chords, chord progressions and complicated chords

The idea is to take away some of the overwhelm and confusion that comes along with learning piano, especially learning piano without a teacher.


I wanted to add a few extra bonus gifts to help you out with this 30-day group project. There’s so much free content on PianoTV.net that it can be challenging to sift through it, no matter how much I try to keep the information organized. With the exception of the Patreon-exclusive gift, these are re-formatted and re-purposed content from the website which I think you’ll find directly helpful on your journey.

Beginner sheet music collection (PDF)

This is a 58-page collection of all the beginner sheet music on PianoTV. On the website, individual PDFs are available for download alongside each video, but here they’ve been conveniently packaged together. Each of these sheets has a corresponding tutorial if you’d like to learn them.


Scale chart (PDF)

This set of 4 PDFs includes a chart of each major and minor scale (both in color and in black and white). Our video editor is a great designer and I find these really useful – we created them for the website, and I’ve been using them in my studio ever since.


Audio collection

I’ve curated 15 discussion-type PTV videos for this course and converted them to audio. They’re meant to educate and inspire you as you go along your journey, and can be listened to podcast-style (one of my favorite ways to consume media).


Music database (Patreon subscribers)

This music database is my pride and joy – I’ve used it near-daily since I created it in 2015 (I also made one in 2008 – they update every 7 years). It’s a database of about 2,500 pieces from the RCM syllabus. Many of my students don’t do exams/follow the RCM, but it’s great for finding new pieces to learn and books to work from. It’s searchable by composer, piece, collection, grade, and category.

My Patrons have made a huge difference in being able to transition from PianoTV as a side hobby to a more serious endeavor in the last year or so. I wanted to give them something really awesome in return. 🙂

Start here/Beginner’s guide (PDF)

This PDF is freely available even before joining the group. It’s a bare-bones collection of lessons from the PianoTV channel. If you’re a beginner or you’re not sure what you need to know before joining this 30-day group session, definitely check this PDF out.

Please join us and make this September a crazy-awesome piano party. 🙂 Become a better piano player, learn some new tricks and techniques, and make some new friends!

Looking forward to it,


(P.S. Thanks to rawpixel.com / Freepik for the icons!)

Note: Our credit card processor is only working on mobile devices (it’s not working on desktop computers). PayPal is working on all devices. If you need to pay via credit card on a desktop computer, please email me at ally.pianotv@gmail.com so I can create an invoice for you. Thanks for your understanding!