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PianoTV Courses

"I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well."


Why piano courses?

The PianoTV website and YouTube channel is full of free content to help you along your piano journey. So why full-fledged courses?

I wanted to offer something more in-depth and specific - something a little extra for those of you wanting a more direct learning path. I also wanted to provide the opportunity for camaraderie, interactivity and support.

Course focus

The PianoTV courses are at a beginner-ish level (ranging from level 1-3, or late beginner to early intermediate), and blend pop and Classical styles. My teacher always taught me a hybrid style - learning chords and improv right alongside our Bach and Chopin - and that's how I like to teach as well.

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The 30 days of piano course is PianoTV's first - and flagship - course.

There are 30 lessons that can be completed one per day, or they can be learned at your leisure.

This course has relative beginners in mind, and ambitiously covers a lot of ground. It's meant as a broad introduction to a variety of topics, such as chords, rhythm, sight reading, and left hand patterns.

Every day features a technical exercise to try, lessons where we work through several pieces (and several other pieces on the side),  and homework assignments - all complete with PDFs.

Please visit the "30 Days of Piano" course page for more information.

What you'll learn
What's included
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Course Value

Over 300 students have participated in the PianoTV courses and have rated their experiences highly. Shortly after releasing the "30 Days of Piano" course, I sent out a survey to participants with the following results (see image).

I've also received dozens of emails from participants who've learned new things, had a lot of fun, or who've even had significant breakthroughs in their piano journey.


The 6 Week Mini Course is an extension of the 30 Days of Piano Course for those wanting a deeper dive. However, you don't need to have completed the 30 Days course to do this one - they are independent of each other.

This course focuses on learning one piece, start to finish: Comptine d'un autre été: l'après midi by Yann Tiersen. This piece is best approached by those at a Level 3 or higher (earlier levels can still give this a try, though it'll take longer and be more of a challenge).

There are six lessons, which were released weekly, as well as six Q&A sessions. The Q&A sessions feature recordings by participants of all levels, and were a way to personalize the learning experience. It's been very helpful to others as well!

Please visit the "6 Week Course" page for more details.

What you'll learn
What's included
A Subtle Music Note

Want to learn more about Allysia and PianoTV?

Be sure to check out the "about us" button for more information on myself (Allysia) and the creative director (Logan).