General Piano Tips For Everyone

In this "general piano tips" section, you'll find a wide variety of topics - everything from how to practice to the silly videos we've made over the years.

Practicing Piano




I’m always learning how to be more effective at practicing. Learning how to practice well can save you many hours of time and energy, while also resulting in better playing. This section is dedicated to topics meant to improve your practice sessions, and therefore make your practice sessions more enjoyable.

Goals & Motivation




I’m a big believer in setting goals, regardless of what it is you’re learning. Goals give us something to aim for. They push us to do more than we think we’re capable of. Without goals, practice becomes aimless, and progress isn’t quite as pronounced.





This section of the website is divided into two parts:

  • General questions that I've answered
  • The monthly Q&A session

In the monthly Q&A session, I answer four questions that you guys have asked on any piano-related topic. The general questions are the really big "hot topics".





Musical performance is something I'm asked about often, so I've started to expand this section. Here you'll find videos addressing performance techniques, performance anxiety, and some advice from the pros.

Piano Books




As a beginner, especially a self-taught beginner, it can be challenging to know what piano books to use. This section is dedicated to my recommendations for various levels and genres.

Silly Videos




Every now and then we get a little silly on PianoTV. This (small and hopefully growing) section is dedicated to videos that were made with a light-hearted intent, to give you something to relate to or simply a bit of laughter.

Christmas Music




We don’t have a lot of Christmas piano music on this channel, but I thought it deserved its own section. Some people love Christmas music while others hate it – I personally quite enjoy it!

My favorite piano blogs and channels





And of course a shout-out to some of the awesome piano-centric blogs and channels out there! Lots of great stuff for you to check out.