Free Lessons + Resources

In this section of the website, you'll find links to the many (400+!) PianoTV videos and blog posts on a wide variety of topics. Enjoy!

By Level/Grade

In this section of the page, I've rounded up the piano lessons by grade that I've done so far (up to Grade 2 at present).

These grade levels are based off the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music), but they're similar to the ABRSM.

It's okay if you don't follow either system - you can consider it a step-by-step roadmap if you're a beginner, or if you have been playing a while.

Theory and Technique

There's more to playing piano than simply learning pieces! A crucial component of playing music is understanding it. Without a concept of piano theory, the notes on the page are just random. With theory knowledge, patterns and order start to emerge.

The Basics of Music Theory

Ear Training



Harmony and Composition

Piano Technique

Music History: Composers, Eras and More

People sometimes hear the word "history" and then run away. But history can be far from boring! Music history is filled with colorful characters, interesting scenarios and great music.

I consider music history a fundamental component of music education. Without the context of knowing who composers were or where the music you're learning fits into the grand scheme of things, you'll never fully appreciate your pieces.


Dances and Song Forms

Listening to Music

Musical Eras

Middle Ages





General Information

In this "general piano tips" section, you'll find a wide variety of topics - everything from how to practice to the silly videos we've made over the years.

Practicing Piano

Goals and Planning

Q&A Sessions

Piano Performance

Music Books

Silly Videos

Christmas Music