Rockstar Package

Limited availability! Rockstar Package will only be available to buy until Feb 28.

You get ALL the benefits of the Standard + Awesome Packages, PLUS these exclusive bonuses:


NEW BONUS: training video + PDF on time management!

Many of you comment on my ability to be organized, get things done and manage a busy schedule, so I've decided to include a video training session with my best tips on time management and productivity, all while being the parent of a two-year old and sometimes having a social life.

1 private correspondence coaching session with me

Since September, I’ve been offering private correspondence lessons to adult students. They submit practice videos, and I take notes and film video feedback. This is a great alternative to private lessons, since I find it to be more concise, detailed and you can reference it over and over again. You’ll have one of these sessions with me, equivalent to a 30-minute private lesson.


Access to exclusive course mastermind group (3-5 members per group)

My team will go through all the applicants and match them up into groups of 3-5 people based on their current level. These groups will be created on Facebook Messenger, but you’re more than welcome to move the group to any platform you desire.


I’ve had first-hand experience working with small groups and I know how powerful they can be. When I was younger, I used to take piano lessons with 2-3 other people. Being in a group motivated me to show up week after week, form relationships with people who had similar interests, and it kept me practicing at least a little bit. 


More recently, I’ve been working with a small group on a course created by Steve Pavlina called “Stature” – it’s a character-development course, and I find it highly motivating to go through and discuss the content with like-minded friends. It gets me out of my bubble and encourages me to think about the information in new ways.


I also spearhead a writer’s mastermind group each week and being able to have face-to-face chats with everyone is invaluable. It fills me with positive energy and helps me stay focused on my goals. It’s so rewarding to connect with other people who are crushing it! 


2 live coaching sessions with me and your mastermind group

To get the ball rolling with your small group, we’ll have two 30-minute coaching sessions involving everyone. We’ll talk about your journeys, get some people at the piano for feedback, and I’ll help you make the most of your accountability mastermind group and provide ideas on structuring your future meetings.


Help decide the content of four additional course videos

Participants in the Rockstar Package will be able to make specific requests for four additional videos for the course. The content of these videos will relate to the course, though what they’ll specifically end up being will be decided by YOU! 🙂


A paperback copy of the Piano Path book shipped directly to you!

Participants in the Rockstar Package will receive a FREE copy of the Piano Path book, shipped anywhere in the world!