what's inside

27 lessons in 6 modules

Later in this video/post, we’ll go into depth on what each of those 27 lessons entail. They include PDF reading assignments (and audio recordings of these), assignments and exercises, and useful resources. 


Complete downloadable e-book of all lessons

Since this course was originally conceived as a book, you’ll be able to download the e-book version of this course (with options to get the book on Kindle or print copy).


Audio recordings and PDF downloads of lesson content

Most lessons include a reading assignment (some much more substantial than others) and an audio recording of the reading assignment for those who prefer to listen. The audio and PDF files are all downloadable.

8 course videos in addition to the written and audio content

There’s a video corresponding with each module (plus a couple orientation videos to get you started!), which will help you make sense of the lessons and material, and give you an overview of the key points in each module.


Exclusive 3-part video series: "Common Piano Mistakes Adults Make"

I wanted to add to the course content by sharing a video series with you based on my experience teaching adults. I see certain problems crop up again and again, so I wanted to provide you with this information even for those who aren’t receiving private feedback.


Access to a searchable repertoire database

My favorite resource in the entire course is a searchable repertoire database, which includes thousands of pieces in a diverse range of genres, each with a grade. I’ve been using this nearly every day for years. You’ll never run out of ideas on what to play on the piano with this database!


Worksheets and useful lists to accompany the lessons

Many lessons involve a specific assignment, whether it’s a task to complete or a worksheet to fill out. Some lessons (mainly the ones in Module 4 and Module 5) are heavy on the reading, with no assignments. Other lessons have big assignments but light reading.


You’ll be able to download some key resources I’ve created, such as the core repertoire lists and syllabus spreadsheet, both of which you’ll be able to get value from for many years.


I've created over 400 videos on PianoTV. When relevant, I'll give you some "suggested videos" for the lessons in order to broaden your studies.