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Learn Classical piano in weeks, not years

The Complete Piano Path Course for Beginners

A 21-week course to get you to finally start making real progress and play the piano.

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So You Want to Play the Piano...

Being a beginner piano player is incredibly challenging and confusing.

You struggle with being disorganized, you lack clear direction, and use inefficient learning techniques. I’ve seen this over and over again – in my lessons, in my courses, and in my inbox.

If you’re like most new students, you most likely don’t have a clear and specific plan on how to improve your piano playing. You’re probably unsure of which fundamental skills you need to work on. 

So what do you do?

You start watching various tips and exercises from YouTube. You learn something, but you don’t have an idea of what you should learn next – so you go down the YouTube rabbit hole, patching together a piano education.  

Months (and maybe years) go by watching random videos without understanding the fundamentals of piano playing or experiencing a clear sense of progress.  

You read various piano method books, but eventually you lose your motivation.The musical concepts and their application is either confusing or boring, and you don’t know how long you should spend with these materials.  

Maybe you hire a piano teacher to guide you and give you some personal attention – which is fabulous! But it can be a costly hobby. The average piano teacher charges  $60/hour. And while personal instruction can’t be beat, and many teachers are wonderful, it can be hit-or-miss. So you “pause” your lessons and go back to looking for more affordable options (such as books and online videos).

And so the cycle continues.  

You start to feel frustrated because you really want to play the piano. You’re spending a lot of time, money, and energy and still feel like you’re not making significant progress.  

Let’s stop wasting time and get you playing piano!

I’ve seen this pattern play out over and over again in the lives of my students and I want to end that.

I designed this course to make make your piano journey faster, simpler, affordable, and more fun!

This beginner course will provide you with the fundamental skills and the supportive environment you need in order to accelerate your piano education.  

By the end of this course, you'll be able to...

How You'll Finally Learn to Play the Piano​

I’ve designed this course to accelerate your piano learning and make real progress.  We’ll do this by focusing on 3 main areas:

Weekly Piano Video Lessons

You will go through 21 weeks of step-by-step lessons to give you a secure foundation in playing piano. My aim is to teach these concepts in an efficient, clearly organized, and structured way so you can make progress every week.  

Social Accountability

You will have access to a private forum where you can learn with other students who are on the same journey. Think of it like school with friends but more fun!

Weekly Feedback

You will be able to submit your piano playing with the opportunity for specific feedback from myself and others on the forum. In our weekly live calls, you’ll also be able to hear feedback for other students working on the same piece.

One thing I always like to do with my beginner students is to get them playing music that sounds good right away – in the first lesson or two. 

Here’s a video one of the CPP-A course members (Alen) submitted for the week 2 assignment – he took the basic idea and added his own improvisational spin on it. He crushes it every lessson!

Course Content:

If you’re anything like me, you like knowing the exact details of what’s inside a course.

This course contains 21 weekly step-by-step lessons. Every week, we’ll begin a new weekly lesson. Each lesson will contain:

Below is an abridged outline of each lesson in the course. 

I’ve also created this handy checklist that shows which topics you’ll learn every week.  

As fun and cheerful as she is in her YouTube videos, she’s even more so as a piano teacher! I loved how organized everything was, with video lectures dropping every week and easy-to-follow steps for improving your sight reading, and finger techniques, along with a brand new piece to learn every week. I loved her teaching style, patience, constant encouragement, and her live feedback sessions where she provided tips for making each week’s piece better and more polished.

I virtually began from scratch, with no in-person piano lessons before but now, I can decently play simplified piano arrangements of classical pieces and some popular folk songs as well! For someone that’s never played the piano before, learning the art of hand-independence was mind-blowing! More than the pieces I’ve learned, what I truly appreciate learning is the ability to break down the seemingly-hard pieces into their components and make learning them digestible and enjoyable. As a side-benefit, I’ve begun journaling to keep track of my piano progress and taken that habit to apply to other areas of my life as well!


Social Accountability

Learning any new skill is hard, and piano playing is no exception. It can take months to play at a decent level and the journey can feel lonely and isolating.

I wanted to help make piano playing a fun experience for my students, even if I can’t personally teach everyone. During my last launch in November, I decided to include a forum with the course as an experiment. I wanted to be able to connect with my students and share videos, and also enable them to connect with each other. 

Boy was that the best accidental decision! 🙂

The forum ended up being a place where people started becoming friends and encouraging each other to make progress. People started commenting on each other’s performances, sharing helpful tips and advice.

Students have found that using the forum has added accountability to their lessons. Once they got to know their fellow classmates, they wanted to continue practicing and improving.  

Learning is all well and good – but learning with friends is fun!

"Before CPP, I genuinely didn’t think I could learn how to play piano. My biggest attraction to the class was the accountability and getting to make connections with other like-minded people. After a few weeks, Allysia’s kind but challenging approach unlocked something and inspired me. I can now perform and record myself with a level of confidence that has carried over to the other aspects of my life."
Nate B.
Complete Piano Path Student

Weekly Feedback

Every week you will have an opportunity to get feedback on your weekly piano piece assignment.

We will have weekly live sessions where I will review submissions from participants and give specific feedback.

This can be a good way for you to practice recording yourself performing. Even if you don’t submit your video for feedback, recording yourself is something I encourage my students to do as a rewarding way to track progress. 

A lot of beginner students make similar mistakes and have similar questions, so by hearing feedback for your own performances or those of other participants, you’ll get new ideas every week on how to improve your piano playing.


"I absolutely recommend Allysia's Complete Piano Path A (CPPA) course, which she has designed for beginner and returner players. I had followed Allysia for quite some time on Piano TV and liked her approach before I enrolled on the CPPA course. She is an excellent and experienced teacher and I find it amazing that we can learn from her expertise in this way. We are nearing the end of CPPA and I'm looking forward to starting on CPPB soon.

I am 72 and had some piano lessons as a child, but not for long after my teacher moved to France. I have always wanted to re-start and since retiring from full time work recently it was the right time for me. This course has been perfect, enabling me to start again and learn the basics well.

The course is really well-designed, varied and interesting and I feel that I have learned such a lot in the past 6 months at a pace I've been able to keep up with. It is challenging enough for me but doable. I also like the group format with people of all ages, experience and from all over the world. Uploading videos was daunting at first but I promised myself that I would do it every week and it has now become much easier. The group and Allysia are very supportive and constructive and it's well worth getting over the initial nerves.


Hi! I'm Allysia.

Hi! I’m Allysia van Betuw, the creator and host of PianoTV. My channel has over 100k subscribers and my videos have been viewed over 7 million times.

For over 15 years, I’ve been teaching piano to people of all ages and levels, from three-year-old beginners to retired adults.

I created this course because throughout the years so many students have reached out to me and expressed their desires and frustrations with learn how to play the piano.

I wanted to provide more clarity, structure, and support to help them accelerate their musical journey.  

I believe this school will move people from wanting to play the piano to FINALLY playing it. 

Allysia’s CPP-A course has been hugely beneficial in progressing my piano playing. Dogged by years of failure to progress, tinkering around on the piano attempting aspirational pieces (beyond my skill level!) and trawling the internet for advice, I’ve finally been taken on a structured learning path that has accelerated my skill level.

The course is fast paced, engaging and has well curated pieces to demonstrate a weekly learning point. Interestingly for me; through her teaching, it has opened up a new relationship with music, moving from a passive listener to active engagement.

The forum offers a huge support mechanism, loads of encouragement and a persuasive accountability. Would recommend anyone thinking about it to step on this 'Path'!"
Complete Piano Path Student


In addition to the ample course content and weekly lessons, when you join the Complete Piano Path Level A, you’ll also receive:

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Start Your Piano Journey Now

Registration Closed

Join the waitlist and you’ll be notified when classes open again in September.


You can pay via 2 options: A one time payment OR a monthly payment. 

(You will save $50 with the one time payment option.)

There is a 30 Day money back guarantee with both options.

21-Day Money Back Guarantee

My goal is to help you play the piano. I don’t want you to have any concerns about investing in your piano playing.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 21 days. Simply email me and you will get your money back.  No questions asked. I like happy students 🙂 


Join by September 1st to receive 20% off! This way, you’ll be able to follow along with others and complete the challenge by the end of September.

Need Help?


The deadline to join the course is September 25th, 2021. After that, the course will be closed –  most likely six months from now (March 2022).

One of the biggest challenges piano students have is lack of focus.  Piano playing can seem like a never-ending project.

I wanted to keep this course focused and treat it like a classroom.  Think of it like a semester at college. Classes begin and then registration is closed. There is a start and finish.

You’ll have weekly lessons and assignments with clear objectives. The lessons progress and build on each other. Keeping things closed allows students to bond and follow a consistent rhythm.

Imagine how distracting it would be if you were in class and a new student kept showing up every day. 🙂

Life happens.  You can get sick, busy, and distracted. It’s understandable.

Even if you miss a week, you’ll still have access to all the lessons and my feedback. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t practice one week’s piece much – get back on the bandwagon when you can, and you can always go back to these pieces once the course is finished, or on easier weeks.

I will aim to give feedback to as many people as I can during our weekly live feedback sessions, which will run around 1.5 hours, but realistically I might not be able to review your specific submission every week. In the current group, I typically give feedback on 15-20 people each week, often all of the submissions I receive.

It will depend on the number of students submitting and who has not received any feedback in a while.

But I promise you will still benefit from the feedback session even if I don’t review your specific submission.

A lot of students have similar challenges.  So you might get your questions answered even if you don’t get direct feedback.

You’ll get value out of hearing my feedback for other people, since everyone is working on the same piece together.

I’ve designed this course with the absolute beginner in mind. So while it certainly can help if you have some prior knowledge (ex: names of notes on the piano), you can still go through the course. Several participants in this group have been total beginners and they were able to go through the course – though you should note that I aim to challenge you and my pace is fast!

That’s tough one to tell.  You can look at the lessons checklist I created and see how strongly you feel you understand these concepts.

I would also suggest you gauge how easy it was for you to go through one of the piano method books, such as Piano Adventures or Alfred’s for adults. My assignments tend to be slightly more difficult than method book material.

Worst case is you sign up and realize the course is too easy for you. In that case, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days.

I will be launching the CPP-B course in May, which might be more appropriate for your skill level. This is still pre-grade 1, so if you’re an intermediate student, this course might not be for you (unless you’re looking to review the beginner stage to fill in gaps in your knowledge).

It’s a combination of contemporary and classical – I was taught with a hybrid approach, and both styles inform the other.

Some are composed by me, others are composed by classical artists, and others are based on dances and folk tunes.

Everyone has different musical taste – I don’t expect you to like every piece of music you perform every week.

However, I do try to write or select beginner music that has appeal, because I’m also a fan of learning music I like the sound of!

Typically, a few of my students didn’t like a week’s musical selection, while other students loved the same piece. Yet they still all learned the key concepts that they needed to learn.

So hopefully even if you don’t like the piece of the week, you’ll enjoy learning the core ideas.

If you for any reason feel you’re not getting value out of the course, feel free to email me within 30 days of purchasing and I’ll happily refund your money.  No questions asked.

All you need is your smartphone (or laptop with webcam/recording device). I encourage participants to record themselves each week, and smartphones are sufficient for this.

During the first week, I’ll go through helping you set up so you can record your piano videos or audio files.

It’s certainly not a requirement but I highly encourage it.

Even if you decide not to submit a video to be viewed by me or other members, it’s a good resource for yourself.

You’ll be able to see and hear your playing.  You’ll be surprised how much you don’t notice about our playing when it’s just you by yourself. Not only that, you’ll have a record of your progress, which is very valuable.

When you sign up, you will have permanent access to the course material. This includes the lesson videos, downloads and recordings of the live sessions.

I aim to keep the forum accessible only to people going through the course, so once our class is finished, you’ll have the option to join another class, or stay on the forum with access to your peers and the weekly live lessons for a small monthly fee.

Registration Closed

Get notified when classes open again in September.

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