Hi there! I'm Allysia, host of PianoTV, and I've been teaching private piano lessons since 2007. I'm passionate about helping both children and adults learn to play piano, and over the past several years that's shifted from the offline world to the online world.


I'm offering one lesson each week in November for a total of four lessons. These lessons are correspondence-based, which means we don't schedule a weekly time on the calendar to meet - you share your recordings in a shared Classroom at your convenience, and I film my video feedback and return it to you. Though it's perhaps less conventional, I'm very fond of this approach because:

  • I'd rather spend my time teaching instead of scheduling
  • The people I teach are from all over the world
  • Live video lessons can be finicky
  • It's more relaxing to record your music at your convenience than to be put on the spot in a live lesson
  • I have a small child, which can make scheduling difficult (sometimes I need to work late in the evening or early morning)
  • The lessons tend to be tighter, more targeted and focused

A few spots left!

How it works:

Weekly Coaching

Each week you'll have the opportunity to submit your progress report and recordings of the pieces/technique you're working on. I'll provide a mix of personalized text/audio feedback.

This gives you the experience of a weekly private piano lesson, but instead of having to remember a weekly appointment, you can share recordings and assignments at your convenience.

We'll also have our own private Google Classroom for sharing files, assignments and comments back and forth, so you'll have a record of your progress.

Appropriate For Any Level

I've taught students from complete beginners up to a grade 8 level (early advanced). If you're past this point, you'll want a teacher with advanced pedagogy credentials to personally coach you with these complex pieces.

I have a lot of experience working with method books if you're relatively new to piano. I've also spent a lot of time working with the RCM and more recently the ABRSM - I'm happy to help you with any examination preparation, choosing music to learn, helping assess your strengths/weaknesses, and anything else you might find useful.

30 Minutes/Week

You'll receive the equivalent of 30 minutes of private lessons each week. A typical 30-minute piano lesson in the United States averages $20-30 (and is often much more in larger centers).

To participate, you'll pay the equivalent of $22.25 for each weekly lesson, which is affordable and much less than my standard private scheduled lesson rate.

More details:

  • Lessons are hosted on Google Classroom (a secure platform for easily sharing files and comments back and forth)
  • You'll record yourself playing each week (video is best, but audio works) - a smartphone works well, so no special equipment required
  • The average student has three pieces on the go on any given week, and sharing 2-3 pieces you're working on is ideal.
  • I film feedback at my piano, and give suggestions (and support!) on what I hear - just like a regular lesson. You get to keep the lesson video for as long as you want - it's yours!
  • For in-person lessons, my students would book for the month and I'd expect them to be there for the month. It's your responsibility to provide something each week for me to give you feedback on! 🙂

I usually teach between 20-40 people at any given time, so my availability is quite limited. When there are no longer any spots left, I'll make a note of it on this page.

A few spots left!

Private Lessons for November 2020