Hi there! I'm Allysia, and I've been teaching private piano lessons since 2007. I'm passionate about helping both children and adults learn to play piano, but I've often been frustrated by the lack of a clear curriculum for teaching. "Every student and their path is unique" is the mantra I often hear, and while I absolutely agree, it's also true that there should be some standard of assessment. A general trajectory that students can follow with confidence, knowing they're going to get where they want to go with piano.


Over the years, I've received more emails than I can count from students who feel like they're trying to learn piano in the dark (not literally). They're not sure if what they're learning is correct, and they have no idea where they're headed, or if they're on the right path.


With that in mind, I've been developing a curriculum that I've tested with students over the last several years. The experience of personal coaching is a way to road-test the ideas with real students from a variety of backgrounds. I want to be personally involved in your learning and have a co-creative relationship to make this future course awesome.


This DIY Piano Path Course is a unique opportunity to receive a mix of private coaching alongside a directed materials. The class size is very limited so that I'm able to give everyone ample attention. It'll be a community of students like yourself, people from all around the world who want to become more organized and focused with their practice.

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What you'll get with the course + private coaching:

DIY Piano Path

Over the course of 26 weeks, you'll receive focused weekly lessons and assignments geared toward helping you understand your long- and short-term piano path.

We'll use weekly progress report sheets and other tools to keep organized throughout your learning journey. You'll learn how to determine your grade/level and what that even means. And you'll see what music books I recommend for every level, in every category of music - plus much more (the full agenda is detailed below).

Weekly Assignments

At the beginning of each week, I'll provide you with your assignments and materials. Virtually every week involves some reading, and many weeks involve written assignments. You'll get personalized feedback on these assignments when you hand them in.

In addition to the reading and written assignments, you'll also be provided with incredibly useful resources along the way, such as several book lists and a database of music.

Weekly Coaching

Each week you'll have the opportunity to submit your progress report and recordings of the pieces/technique you're working on. I'll provide a mix of personalized text/audio feedback.

This gives you the experience of a weekly private piano lesson, but instead of having to remember a weekly appointment, you can share recordings and assignments at your convenience.

We'll also have our own private Google Classroom for sharing files, assignments and comments back and forth, so you'll have a record of your progress.

Classical-Based Approach

Though we'll explore a broad range of music ranging from the 17th century to modern-day, our focus will be a Classical-based approach. This approach integrates well with musical "grades" found in the RCM or ABRSM.

And if you have no idea what the RCM/ABRSM is, we'll go into plenty of details in one of the weekly lessons.

If you love, say, blues, you can still learn blues piano while following this path. Think of it as a branch on the tree. But if you're interested on how to get from Alfred Book 1 to Chopin, you'll find this approach useful.

Appropriate For Any Level

You'll get something out of this DIY Piano Path course whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned player. The piano path we detail starts from the very first steps all the way up to some of the most complex pieces and collections that exist in piano repertoire. This is your full 10+ year trajectory.

As for personal coaching, I've taught students up to a grade 8 level (early advanced). If you're past this point, you'll want a teacher with advanced pedagogy credentials to personally coach you with these complex pieces.

Teachers Welcome!

The genesis of this curriculum course was to help my own private teaching practice. If you're a piano teacher, the materials here will help you structure your student's yearly, monthly and weekly lesson plans. This will help keep learning in your studio more uniform from one student to the next, get students more involved in their own learning journey, and give you peace of mind that everything has been taken care of.

I welcome the opportunity to provide you personal coaching related to creating and maintaining your own studio. You can also share recordings of your students to get ideas on how to teach certain concepts.

6 Months of Lessons

This unique program will run from September 2, 2019 until March 8, 2020. All participants will join at the same time, which allows you to learn at the same pace as everyone else.

It runs for 6 months (26 weeks). Though I encourage you to continue all the way to the end of the program with your peers, you are welcome to cancel at any time (though you will be unable to start again). If I decide to run this course one more time (likely), you can join the new group in May 2020.

10+ Years of Direction

You'll receive enough resources and information in these 6 months of lessons to keep you busy for 10+ years (if you're a beginner). Going from 0 to Chopin Etudes takes in the ballpark of 10 years (sometimes more, sometimes less). The information from this course + lessons will help you get from point A to point Z - and enjoy the journey along the way!

30 Minutes/Week

You'll receive the equivalent of 30 minutes of private lessons each week (approximately 2 hours per month). A typical 30-minute piano lesson in the United States averages $20-30 (and is often much more in larger centers).

To participate, you'll pay the equivalent of $22.25 for each weekly lesson, but you're getting so much more than just a lesson - you're also getting resources that you'll be able to use for years, and a directed approach that will help focus your practice sessions.

Private Classroom

Each student will have their own private Google Classroom with me. This enables us to share assignments, comments, feedback and recordings back and forth. Much easier than email, and you'll end up with a wonderful record of your learning journey.


In order to be as helpful as I can, the class size will be limited to 20 participants. Participants will be granted access in the order they apply. If you're the 21st person to sign up for lessons, you'll be unable to participate (but you can join the wait list for the March 2020 group).

You'll be able to sign up starting on Friday, January 3rd. I expect this class to fill quickly, so don't hesitate for too long!

Join the wait list for March 2020.

Lesson plans/What to Expect

I hate ambiguity! Before deciding if this course + coaching is right for you, here's the lesson plan for each of the 26 weeks:

  • Lesson 1: The Progress Report

Introduction to the materials you'll be using throughout the 26 weeks.

  • Lesson 2: The Learning List

A full assessment of everything you've been learning for the last 6 months to a year.

  • Lesson 3: Finding Imbalances

A diagnostic of your learning to date.

  • Lesson 4: Your Practice Plan

Get a sense of direction early on and explore the Core Repertoire lists.

  • Lesson 5: What's Your Grade/Level?

A series of questions designed to help you determine your grade/level.

  • Lesson 6: Using a Syllabus

How to use the syllabus (RCM in particular) to select music. Includes my RCM database.

  • Lesson 7: Your Repertoire

One of the several lists I find enormously helpful in my studio.

  • Lesson 8: Your Playlist

Another important list to become acquainted with and use.

  • Lesson 9: The Project Piece

The art of tackling a difficult-for-you piece.

  • Lesson 10: The Commitment and the Long Haul

How long does it really take to learn piano? Some numbers, and calculate your own journey.

  • Lesson 11: Core Repertoire Lists

A deep dive into the three repertoire lists provided with this course.

  • Lesson 12: Listening to Music

How and why you should incorporate listening to music into your life.

  • Lesson 13: Method Books

A discussion of various popular method books and what grades/levels they equate to.

  • Lesson 14: Baroque Music

The most important baroque books for each level, plus general information.

  • Lesson 15: Classical music

The most important classical books for each level, plus general information.

  • Lesson 16: Romantic music

The most important romantic books for each level, plus general information.

  • Lesson 17: Modern music

The most important modern books for each level, plus general information.

  • Lesson 18: Technique and Etudes

The most important technique/etudes for each level, plus general information.

  • Lesson 19: Preparatory Level

Information on the preparatory stage of piano and what you should be learning. This is for absolute beginners.

  • Lesson 20: Beginner Level

Information on the beginner stage of piano and what you should be learning. This is for students who've been playing a year or two.

  • Lesson 21: Intermediate Level

Information on the intermediate stage of piano and what you should be learning.

  • Lesson 22: Advanced Level

Information on the advanced stage of piano and what you should be learning.

  • Lesson 23: 3 Stages of Learning a Piece

The beginner/developing/performing stages of a piece, and why it matters.

  • Lesson 24: Piano Mission Statement

Going deep into your big "why" of learning piano.

  • Lesson 25: Your Piano Roadmap

Taking a long-range view and exploring 5-year dreams for piano.

  • Lesson 26: Turning Your Roadmap into a Plan

A practical break-down of your 5-year goals into smaller steps.

Who this course + coaching is for:

  • Those who'd like a supplement to their regular in-person lessons to gain clarity and direction
  • Those who are not currently taking private lessons and would like some guidance
  • Those who feel lost in the vast amount of piano repertoire out there
  • Those who aren't sure if what they're practicing is "right" or if they're "on the right path"
  • Those who'd like a personal touch to go along with course materials

Who this course + coaching is NOT for:

  • Those who have no interest in a classical-based approach
  • Those who are unable to reasonably commit to 6 months of lessons
  • Those who feel confident with their piano learning path
  • Those who would prefer to go through a standalone course without the personal coaching element

Since this course + coaching group is so small (20 participants), it's important that those joining are willing and able to commit to this unique experience. Participants should have a "heck yes" attitude about this program, which will ensure that you get the most out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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