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Today’s video covers the RCM’s grade 4 piano technique requirements (updated for the 2015 syllabus). This includes scales, triads and arpeggios. I’ll be playing with the metronome in this video at the MINIMUM required speeds (feel free to go a little faster), and will label each technique on the screen as I play them.

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Hey friends! Today we’ll be chatting about pentatonic scales, which is an extremely useful scale to know if you’re into jamming and improvising (even if that’s just something you do by yourself).

We’re going to talk about how to figure them out (the theory), listen to a few examples of songs that use them, and how to apply them.
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Scales are something that I like to work on with all of my students. They can sometimes seem like a drag, though, so I wanted to talk about why exactly I find them so useful.

In today’s video, I also wanted to look at how to build a major scale. Every single key on the piano (all 12, if you include the black keys), when plugged into a formula, is the start of a scale. So you can have C major scale, Db major scale, D major scale, and so on.

Each of these scales has a unique pattern of black keys and white keys. We’ll take a look at how to figure that out – it isn’t super difficult, but it’s pretty useful to know. Even if you still end up Googling the notes of a major scale, it’s important to know how that came to be.

Let’s get started!
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