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NEW: Private Piano Lessons!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share something very exciting with you guys – this year, I’m shifting from teaching in-person studio lessons to online lessons! In regards to private lessons, I’m offering three different options: (You can visit this page for more details on each option) 1) Patreon ($10/month) – This is actually something…

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My Top 11 Favorite Songs Featuring Piano

The other day I started thinking about my personal favorite songs that feature the piano in some way. Songs that I’ve loved at one point in my life or other, songs that I’ve listened to dozens and dozens of times. So I decided to create this entirely subjective list of my top 10 favorite songs…

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23 Ways to Improve Your Confidence at the Piano

Greetings Earthlings, Today’s video is a quick break-down of 23 things you can do to become better at piano and improve your confidence playing. It’s based on the “23 Strategies for Piano Playing” Playbook I recently created, which you can download for free: 2019 Piano Playbook Enjoy! And I hope you’re all signed up for…

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How to Have Fun at the Piano + Online PianoCon DETAILS!

Hey everyone! Today’s video is a conversational one, so I don’t have a text transcript. For the upcoming Online PianoCon, I had the honor to talk about piano practice with 22 awesome and interesting people. In this video I share some of their insights, plus some details on the upcoming convention. For more information and…

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Game of Thrones Season 8: A Flowkey Medley

Hi friends! Dropping in for a super-quick video today. The final season of Game of Thrones begins this Sunday, so I wanted to do up a little medley because I couldn’t contain my hype. This medley was created with the help of the app Flowkey. Each of the pieces I strung together – The Rains…

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Grieg’s Arietta Tutorial: An Intermediate Step to Liszt

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’re going to work on an intermediate-level piece called Arietta composed by Edvard Grieg. I love teaching this piece for a few reasons – it’s beautiful, but it’s also a good stepping stone to Liszt’s material. Today we’re going to discuss this piece in more depth, I’ll play through it,…

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More Details about Halo Sport (Brain zapping for piano playing)

Hey all, I thought I would do a follow-up video to the last one, where you practiced piano with me using the Halo Sport headphones. In this video I sit down and give a few more details – but expect more experimenting with these headphones in the future! Check ’em out here. xo, Allysia

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6 Week Piano Course starts tomorrow! Q&A

Hey friends, Since the 6 week course is beginning tomorrow, I just wanted to sit down and answer some questions, give some more general information, and talk about the future a little. Enjoy! xo, Allysia

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Join the 6 week piano mini-course!

Hi all! After the 30 days of piano course, you guys were asking me what was next on the horizon. Well I’m excited to share with you our newest course, which will be a 6-week live course. Check out this page, and the video, for complete details. I hope you’ll join us – who doesn’t…

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