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The 12 Weirdest Album Covers in Classical Music

In today’s video, I thought it would be fun to depart from our usual in-depth musical discussions. I came across some very bizarre and entertaining Classical music album covers, and thought that you guys would appreciate them.

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Composers Who Were Inspired by Pets

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’re going to discuss composers who were inspired by pets, and their effect on the lives of famous composers and performers. Specifically cats, with some dogs for good measure. Even cows make an appearance in one story.

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15 Piano Player Problems

Hi all, and welcome to another episode of PianoTV! In today’s episode, I decided to swing in a completely different direction. I thought I’d lighten the mood by putting together 15 piano player problems that most of us go through. At least, these are the ones I constantly go through!

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