Harmony and Composition

What is a Cadence? The Basics

What is a cadence? It’s defined as “a melodic or harmonic configuration that creates a sense of resolution”. They’re composed of at least 2 notes or chords, and are extremely common in music from the Baroque and Classical eras (but still show up in pop music!). In today’s video and blog post, we’re going to…

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The Devil in Music (AKA the Tritone)

Hi and welcome to the final Halloween installment this week, all about the tritone, or as it was often called in the past, “the devil in music”. This is a tone that has offended people for centuries, though our modern ears are much more desensitised to it.

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Introduction to Harmony: How to Harmonize a Melody

    Hello friends! Even if you have 0 knowledge of harmony, and very little understanding of music theory, this video should give you a little insight into why composers choose what they do when adding harmonies to a melody.

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