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Can you practice sight reading for 7, 14 or 30 days in a row? (GIVEAWAY!)

Hi everyone! I’m very excited about today’s episode – I hope you join us for a group SIGHT READING CHALLENGE. In today’s video I’ll explain how it all works and how to participate. And at the end we’ll talk about the awesome giveaway and how to participate! Note: Today’s video will be using the program…

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Piano Q&A: How to remember the sharps and flats

Hi and welcome to today’s Q&A session on PianoTV! Today’s question will be a short and sweet one, but I really like this question and have seen it in my studio a fair amount. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

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How to Read Key Signatures: The Simplest Trick in the World

Today we’re going to talk theory – specifically, how to key signatures. I am going to show you a music reading trick that blew my mind when I first learned it. I don’t usually throw around big phrases like “in the world”, but when I do, it’s because there’s some serious mind-blowing power involved.

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Why Scales are Important, and How To Build a Major Scale

Scales are something that I like to work on with all of my students. They can sometimes seem like a drag, though, so I wanted to talk about why exactly I find them so useful. In today’s video, I also wanted to look at how to build a major scale. Every single key on the…

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Ritardando and A Tempo

Howdy! Today’s video is a quick one on two Italian music terms – ritardando, and a tempo. We talk about what they mean and how to play them, with some examples thrown in there for good measure.

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The Two Note Slur: Beginner Piano (Bartok – First Term at the Piano)

[embedyt][/embedyt] Hello friends! Today we’re going to look at a common piano technique, namely the two note slur. There’s a technique involved in executing the two-note slur (beyond just playing it smoothly), which is definitely worth having in your bag of tricks. The piece used today is from Bela Bartok’s collection “The First Term at…

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How to use the damper pedal, part 2 (syncopated pedal)

  Hi friends! As a follow-up to the previous introduction on how to use the damper pedal (linked below), here is a pedaling technique called ‘syncopated pedaling’, which is almost always how you’ll pedal a piece. It’s basically the damper pedal standard, so it’s good to learn and get comfortable with, because so many pieces…

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