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The Music of Beethoven: 6 Favorites

I had the strange realization today that I’ve done a history video on Beethoven, but I never a corresponding “Music of Beethoven” post like I have with other composers. So today is that day.

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The Music of Haydn: A Tour of His Famous Works

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’ll be looking at the music of Haydn. Haydn had such a massive output of music – something to the tune of 1,000 songs – that picking a handful of “the best” seemed basically impossible. So what I’ve decided to do is break his music down into categories – his…

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Haydn’s Farewell Symphony: Easy Piano Tutorial

Since we were talking about Haydn’s backstory in a previous video, I thought it would be fitting to do a tutorial of his music today. And instead of doing a piano tutorial of his simpler pieces, I thought I would take a very famous song – Haydn’s Farewell Symphony – and arrange it for piano,…

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A Brief History of Franz Joseph Haydn

I love Haydn. I’ve been waiting to do a video about him for the longest time, but wanted to get some of the other main guys out of the way first, like Mozart and Beethoven. But in the Classical era, which we discussed at length in my two-part video series, there was a trifecta of…

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Mozart’s Allegro in B flat Major K3: Piano Tutorial

Howdy! In today’s episode, we’re going to be looking at another Mozart tune from Nannerl’s Music Book – his Allegro in B flat Major, K 3. We’ll get into the backstory, play through the tune so you can hear it, and then discuss some important theory and performance concepts. Let’s hop to it!

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Classical Period Music: Beginner’s Video Guide (Part 2)

  In the last video, Classical Period Music part 1 (check it out here), we talked about some of the important points of the Classical era, like when it was (roughly 1730-1820), homophony and the sound of Classical music, and the role of instrumental music. If you missed that video, definitely check it out! In…

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Classical Period Music: Beginner’s Video Guide

Today’s episode is about Classical period music, and since there’s so much to talk about, I’ve decided to split this into two videos. Honestly this subject is so dense and interesting that we could talk about it for hours and hours, but the focus today is to get a general idea of the period, an…

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