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Goals & planning

New year piano challenge: 40 pieces a year club

Now that we’re into the new year, it’s fun to start thinking about resolutions and challenges for the upcoming year (2018). I figured this would be the perfect time to do a video on the “40 pieces a year challenge”. In today’s video we’ll discuss this challenge, why I think it’s a great idea, and…

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Assume you’ll become a piano master

In today’s video, I want to discuss some mind-frame stuff – the mind-frame of assuming you’ll become a piano master. I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on mental attitudes and adjustments, and wanted to explore some of those concepts as they relate to the piano. Allysia

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15 Tips to Keep Your Piano Practice Resolutions

It’s the new year, which means resolutions are everywhere, including piano practice resolutions. In January, many people resolve to “learn a musical instrument” or “get better at piano” or some variation therein. Allysia

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Goal Time! Setting Piano Goals (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part video on piano goals I sort of accidentally created (Here’s part 1 if you missed it). I always feel a strong urge to get organized toward the beginning of the school year, and have been spending my entire week on that project. I’ll probably spend all of…

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Goal Setting Time! Questions for setting piano goals (Pt. 1)

This video was born from a desperate need to get organized. I’ve been spending my week on that – getting things organized for both myself and my students, and then I thought – I can’t be the only one with this problem. The only one who feels like without a solid plan, I’m floating aimlessly…

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