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Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course [Method Guide + Review]

In today’s video and blog post we’ll be talking all about Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course. We’ll go through the material this method book covers, talk about its pros and cons, and I’ll let you know if I recommend it for your piano learning journey. I’ve been asked about this method time and time again,…

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Mozart – Alla Turca – Beginner Piano Tutorial

Hello! Today’s sheet music is a famous tune by Mozart, Alla Turca (Turkish March) from his 11th symphony, third movement. It’s not an easy piece to play for beginners (doable though), but worth learning since it’s such a quintessential piano piece!

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Canadian Boat Song: Beginner Piano

  Hello! In today’s video, we look at my heritage (not that I have specific boating heritage, being from the dry Canadian prairies and all) with this awesome but not oft-played tune. Consider it a lesson in culture! 🙂

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The Two Note Slur: Beginner Piano (Bartok – First Term at the Piano)

[embedyt][/embedyt] Hello friends! Today we’re going to look at a common piano technique, namely the two note slur. There’s a technique involved in executing the two-note slur (beyond just playing it smoothly), which is definitely worth having in your bag of tricks. The piece used today is from Bela Bartok’s collection “The First Term at…

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Tutorial: Mozart’s Fantasia in D minor, K397 – Intro

Hello! Today’s piece is something a little bit different – often I make sheet music arrangements for popular songs, simplifying them for beginners. But sometimes it’s nice to learn a piece in its pure, unadultered form. Few masterful compositions can be played by beginners, but some have simpler parts. Who says you have to learn the…

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House of the Rising Sun – Beginner Piano

Hello! Today’s 6/8 piece is an old folk tune you might be familiar with called “House of the Rising Sun”. It’s beautiful, uses the damper pedal, and a variety of broken chord and arpeggio patterns in the left hand. This piece is best suited to an adult beginner who’s been playing piano for around 3…

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