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Materials you'll need

All you'll need for the live sessions are your sheet music/technique pages (ideally printed so that you can write on the pages), something to write with, and a device to view the lessons on. A small binder or duotang would be a nice addition as well.

Practice expecations

For the duration of the course (30 days), the average amount of weekly practice expected is around 3 hours (30m/day). This is for the average student - some will need more time, others less. Most people who take this course spend more than 30 days on it - take it at your own pace!

One idea is to go through every single lesson for 30 days to try things out and get an overview, and then go back and comb through the material more slowly to really soak it up.


I hope you're looking forward to it - get ready to have fun and practice lots. 🙂


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