Hey friends!

This announcement has been a long time coming. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been steadily working toward recording a new album – getting all the prep work done (marketing plans, grant applications, hiring the team). And now we’re nearly at the fun part: recording!

Here’s a video I just published about it.

This video was filmed and edited by my friend Rob, who works on film sets in Vancouver, BC. He’s going to be the producer of The Criminal Kid’s second album (and was the producer of the first album as well).

My friend Rob and I go way back. I joined his band in 2004, a nervous vocalist and keyboardist who’d never jammed with anyone before. The stars aligned with his family traveling to Saskatchewan over the summer, so we decided that now’s the time.

I’ll be sharing videos and updates of the process, so stay tuned for that! We officially go into the studio on July 3rd.

Come hang out over on Instagram if you want to catch daily updates!

Talk soon, lovely people!