What is the beginner chord workshop?

The idea with this workshop is to dive deep into pop music, even if you’ve never “played by ear” before. I’ll walk you through basics, and we’ll look through three diverse contemporary songs I enjoy, and how you might interpret them on the piano.

By the end of this workshop, I want you to have the ability to sit down and jam these songs, EVEN IF it’s at a basic level. Even without playing complex arrangements, you’ll still develop your ear, sense of rhythm, and understanding of chords. I also want you to build some skills that you can then apply to other songs you like!

Most importantly – it’s going to be fun! It’s so satisfying to hash out a song you love, and play along with the track (or a drum track – which we’ll also be doing).

I’m strongly leaning toward making a series out of this, depending on how this live session goes and if there’s interest. So please share your feedback