Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to share something very exciting with you guys – this year, I’m shifting from teaching in-person studio lessons to online lessons!

In regards to private lessons, I’m offering three different options: (You can visit this page for more details on each option)

1) Patreon ($10/month) – This is actually something I’ve offered for a while, but not many people know about it. For a $10/month donation, I’ll give you feedback on a piece you’re working on. It’s equivalent to a 10-15 minute lesson.

2) Regular private lessons ($45/45-minute lesson) – I’ve received many emails over the years from people interested in online 1-on-1 lessons, so I’ve decided to offer them this year and test it out. My availability is limited; I’ll be able to teach 4 students each week. Scheduling is super easy (takes 2 minutes) and you can schedule one-off lessons, occasional lessons or regular lessons.

3) DIY Piano Path Course + Private Coaching ($89/month) – This is the one I’m most excited about, since it’s a hybrid of my two favorite things: 1-on-1 teaching, and course creation. This page goes into full details on what this program entails. The short of it is, you’ll receive the equivalent of 30 minutes of private weekly coaching alongside course content designed to help you determine your piano path. I get a ton of emails from students who are lost and unsure of what to practice, which is why I wanted to create this program. Availability is limited – I have room for 20-40 committed participants. More about this one next week when enrollment opens (and here’s the page of details)!

I wanted to offer something for everyone, and I’m excited about this year’s change of direction. My husband and I are currently in a state of flux (trying to decide on a big move), so I figured now was as good of time as any to make the shift from offline to online lessons.

Option #1 and #3 are available immediately (though you won’t be able to schedule lessons until September). Option #2 will be available for a 2-week period, between August 19th and September 2nd, so that everyone can begin in September as a group.

Looking forward to it – talk soon! 🙂


PianoTV’s *NEW* Private Piano Lessons