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Archive for July 2019

The Music of Mendelssohn: Five Favorites

In today’s video, we’ll be looking at the music of Mendelssohn. I’ve chosen five selections that should give you a good taste of his range and style. We’ll start by talking a little about Mendelssohn’s style, and then jump right into the five different compositions, talking about each, and – as always – listening to…

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Can you practice sight reading for 7, 14 or 30 days in a row? (GIVEAWAY!)

Hi everyone! I’m very excited about today’s episode – I hope you join us for a group SIGHT READING CHALLENGE. In today’s video I’ll explain how it all works and how to participate. And at the end we’ll talk about the awesome giveaway and how to participate! Note: Today’s video will be using the program…

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My Top 11 Favorite Songs Featuring Piano

The other day I started thinking about my personal favorite songs that feature the piano in some way. Songs that I’ve loved at one point in my life or other, songs that I’ve listened to dozens and dozens of times. So I decided to create this entirely subjective list of my top 10 favorite songs…

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