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Archive for June 2019

23 Ways to Improve Your Confidence at the Piano

Greetings Earthlings, Today’s video is a quick break-down of 23 things you can do to become better at piano and improve your confidence playing. It’s based on the “23 Strategies for Piano Playing” Playbook I recently created, which you can download for free: 2019 Piano Playbook Enjoy! And I hope you’re all signed up for…

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How to Have Fun at the Piano + Online PianoCon DETAILS!

Hey everyone! Today’s video is a conversational one, so I don’t have a text transcript. For the upcoming Online PianoCon, I had the honor to talk about piano practice with 22 awesome and interesting people. In this video I share some of their insights, plus some details on the upcoming convention. For more information and…

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The Hardest Piano Music Ever: Beethoven Edition

Hi friends! We’re back with another edition of “The Hardest Piano Music Ever”, which spotlights fiendishly difficult piano music. This is as complicated as it gets, the pinnacle of achievement. 99.99% of all piano players will not play this music. Some might try, but most will fail. And on that depressing note, let’s have a…

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