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Archive for May 2019

I’m Studying for my RCM Grade 10 Again!

Hey friends! Those of you who’ve been following me for a while know that I took my RCM Grade 10 exam a while back, and got a pretty brutal mark. I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and I’m aiming to re-do the exam in January 2020 – about half a year from…

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How to Find a (Good) Piano Teacher

Hey friends! In today’s conversational video, I share with you some ideas on how to find a piano teacher. I’ve taught at music schools and independently, and I’ve taught in big cities and small towns, so – in theory – I have a good perspective on this topic. Hope you find it helpful, and I’ll…

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A Brief History of Felix Mendelssohn

A Brief History of Felix Mendelssohn Felix Mendelssohn was a Romantic-era composer who lived a short but productive life. He tends to be lesser-known than giants like Chopin or Liszt, but composed some beautiful music well-worth learning as a pianist, or listening to as a music enthusiast. In the next month or two, we’ll be…

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The Easiest Mendelssohn Pieces for Piano (Intermediate/Advanced)

Like we’ve done with so many other composers, we’re going to discuss the easiest Mendelssohn pieces today. We’re going to look at the first of his piano compositions you can get into if you’re looking to get into his music. Mendelssohn’s piano music starts at an intermediate level, so beginners might want to look elsewhere.…

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