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Archive for April 2019

How to Ace your RCM History Exams

Today’s episode of PianoTV is all about how to ace your RCM history exams. I’ve personally aced them, so I’ll walk you through my study process. I’m not a piano whiz. I used to do well in competitions as a child, but my playing marks have generally been average, and I’ve needed to clock a…

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Am I Too Old to Learn Piano?

I get a decent amount of emails from hopeful piano students (and some not-so-hopeful). One question that I’m asked again and again is, “Am I too old to learn piano?” Or, if they’re not specifically asking me if I think they’re too old, they express concern about their advancing age getting in the way of…

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Game of Thrones Season 8: A Flowkey Medley

Hi friends! Dropping in for a super-quick video today. The final season of Game of Thrones begins this Sunday, so I wanted to do up a little medley because I couldn’t contain my hype. This medley was created with the help of the app Flowkey. Each of the pieces I strung together – The Rains…

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Four Melody Writing Tricks (Primer on Non-Chord Tones)

In today’s episode of PianoTV we’re going to be looking at melody writing tricks. These tricks all center around non-chord tones – and if that makes no sense to you now, it will soon! With our Songwriting Workshop in full-swing, I’ve had melody on the mind. We talk quite a bit about melody writing in…

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