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Archive for March 2019

Grieg’s Arietta Tutorial: An Intermediate Step to Liszt

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’re going to work on an intermediate-level piece called Arietta composed by Edvard Grieg. I love teaching this piece for a few reasons – it’s beautiful, but it’s also a good stepping stone to Liszt’s material. Today we’re going to discuss this piece in more depth, I’ll play through it,…

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Four Piano Exercises for the Fourth Finger

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’ll be looking at four piano exercises for the fourth finger. The fourth finger tends to be our weakest, least independent finger. These exercises are to your fourth finger what kettlebells are to your shoulders. The PDF download of these exercises can be found here. We’ve done a couple similar…

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Bach’s Air on the G String (Suite no. 3 in D, BWV 1068)

In today’s video I want to explore Bach’s famous and beautiful Air on the G String, which was one piece played during my wedding ceremony. As such, it’s near and dear to my heart. This video was requested by Malav on Patreon. If you’d like to see some of the perks we offer on Patreon,…

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The Complete Guide to Dynamics on the Piano

In today’s video we’re going to address the topic of dynamics on the piano. We’ll talk about what dynamics are, the differences in dynamics across musical eras, and some tips on how to play dynamics more effectively. As far as I know there isn’t a “do-this-and-achieve-awesome-dynamics” lesson out there – if there is, please let…

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