Hey friends!

Back in 2017 we designed a music practice journal, which many of you have emailed to say you’ve used and enjoyed. It was a journal I created selfishly, since I wanted something to use – but figured you guys would get some use out of it as well.

We’ve sold over 200 copies, which is awesome! However, I’ve received emails from some of you saying that you’d like an alternative to the print copy if possible, since shipping prices can be quite prohibitive (and the cost of a full-color journal is already quite high).

So we finally went ahead and designed a PDF printable/download of the practice journal. Took us long enough!

It’s priced at $5.99 USD, the amount we receive from Createspace every time someone buys a journal (it’s less for Amazon. We didn’t make this journal to be rich!).

It’s a full year’s worth of practice notes, and also has space for monthly reviews, yearly goals and more. I hope you’ll check it out!

And for more details on the journal, as well as a look inside, be sure to check out the original journal page.