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Archive for October 2018

Beethoven’s Fur Elise: The “Stairway to Heaven” of Piano

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’re going to be talking about Bagatelle no. 25 in A minor (WoO 59) by Beethoven – but it goes by the much more common name of “Fur Elise”. This is one of Beethoven’s most famous pieces, and arguably the most famous piano piece of all time. It’s been a…

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All About the Musical Bagatelle: Short & Light Pieces

Today we’re going to talk about the musical form the “bagatelle”. We’ve talked about other forms on this channel, from the simple waltz to the complex sonata – and to wind up for the next video (on a very famous bagatelle), we’re going to tackle this one today. In this video we’re going to talk…

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Grade 5 RCM Technique Requirements

Today’s video covers the RCM’s grade 5 piano technique requirements (updated for the 2015 syllabus). This includes scales, triads and arpeggios. I’ll be playing with the metronome in this video at the MINIMUM required speeds (feel free to go a little faster), and will label each technique on the screen as I play them. Coming…

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My Favorite Grade 5 Books (RCM)

In today’s video, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite Grade 5 books. These books have pieces that are either in the RCM syllabus or ABRSM syllabus for grade 5 (and I’ll make note of which is which as we go). There are so many great books at this level, and I…

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All About Rondo Form in Music

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’re going to explore what rondo form is in music. We’ve explored other long forms on this channel before such as the sonata – and they belong to a similar era. Classical-era musicians really liked their complex forms! We’ll talk about what a rondo form is, and we’ll use a…

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How to Play Dominant 7th Chords

In today’s lesson, we’ll be exploring how to play dominant 7th chords. These appear for the first time in your technical tests for grade 5 RCM. And they’re the first 4-note chord you’ll need to learn if you’re following this examination system.

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All about grade 5 piano (RCM/ABRSM)

In today’s video, we’re going to talk all about grade 5 piano through the RCM, as well as grade 5 ABRSM piano. These are two major systems of grading, exams and levels in the piano world.

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