In today’s episode of PianoTV, I sat my baby down at the piano to play us a masterpiece. She smashed some keys – a very abstract melody – and I went ahead and penned the notes down, adding my own twist.

We’ll start this video with my baby’s playing, and then jump right into my arrangement of those virtuosic notes.

If you’re interested in the sheet music for this tune, you can download it on the blog for free:

“Before the Morning Nap” sheet music download

About my baby’s composition

I gave it the very original title of “Before the Morning Nap”, because that’s when she smashed the keys.

I kept things simple – this would be playable for anyone around a grade 2 level and even earlier. It’s mostly simple chords and a repeated melody. If I were teaching this piece, I would encourage my students to pinpoint the various chords and look at the simple structure to decode it a little.

But we’re going to keep things short and sweet today – a fun and quick video. Let’s jump into it!


I will say it was a lot of fun collaborating with my baby for this video. You can tell she gets a little melancholic and introspective just before her naps. She doesn’t relish her naps – it’s more of a necessary evil. I think she really conveyed that well in her melody.

I hope you enjoyed this video as well, and maybe we’ll write another tune sometime together in the future.