I was in the mood to give some awesome piano channels and piano blogs some love today. But when I looked at my list of YouTube subscriptions and blogs on my Feedly app, the amount of great stuff was overwhelming. As such, this is a VERY INCOMPLETE list – there are plenty more great channels and sites where this came from!

We’re going to look at 10 awesome channels/blogs today. And since there are so many more, perhaps we’ll share some more love in a future video.

Let’s Play Piano Methods

This very small channel is great because he does dedicated play-throughs and explanations of the major adult method books, such as Alfred’s All-In-One Course, Bastien’s Older Beginner Piano Course, the Faber Piano Adventures for Adults books, and more.

It’s a great channel for those learning without a teacher, and who want to make sure they’re playing their pieces right. Perfect for beginners! Plus the host is very down to earth and charming.

 Mangold Project

Mangold Project has a bunch of video tutorials, mainly centered around chords, harmony and jazz, with quite a few lessons for beginners. This is a YouTube staple for anyone learning the piano.

He also does keyboard reviews, videos like “how to play like Erik Satie”, and informational videos like “where the piano got its shape”. A good all-around channel.


HDpiano is focused on one thing – providing visual tutorials for pop songs. I’m a huge fan of learning how to sight read, but this is an interesting way to learn and a lot of people really seem to enjoy them. The arrangements are solid, but often omit the vocal part – perfect if you want to sing along. They’re generally on the more challenging side, so you might have trouble with this as a beginner.

Play Piano In A Flash

The Piano Guy (pianoguytv) is like my male counterpart. He has a bunch of useful videos – how to play piano with small hands, technical exercises, Q&As, videos on mindset, and more. His playlists are well-organized so you’ll have somewhere to go as a complete beginner, or if you’d like to check out his YouTube live events.

Paul Barton

I have to mention Paul Barton, since he’s such an excellent piano player. He does high-level tutorials, perfect if you’re a more advanced student. He also focuses on Classical music, as opposed to pop/jazz like a lot of the other channels I’ve mentioned.

If you’re looking to learn Chopin, Debussy, Rachmaninoff and more, definitely check out Paul’s channel.

88 Piano Keys

This great blog has a ton of excellent resources, such as a list of apps that’ll help you out on your musical journey. Leila offers resources for piano teachers as well (that’s what her site is geared toward).

In the “Get Inspired” section of her website, she has a bunch of useful history lessons along with quizzes and Kahoot games – perfect for kids. But fun for kids-at-heart too!

Hoffman Academy

If you’re wanting a more structured approach to piano lessons, the Hoffman Academy is a good one to check out. It’s got well-organized units of piano lessons, with a couple free months to try them out.

This is an excellent resource for kids, with some free and premium resources, including games on theory and ear training. This is a very colorful and attractive website, and the blog offers free articles on interesting topics.

Piano Addict

Where the previously mentioned resources were a little more kid-centric (with adult blogs), piano addict is full of interesting and detailed information.

There are articles on pedagogy and learning (such as “This is Your Brain on Meter & Voicing”), and a variety of other topics. One thing that makes this blog unique are the topics “musical adjectives” – there’s a collection of images associated with particular compositions (to help inspire creative playing),.

Gail even designed a musical board game (another kid-friendly resource)!

Take Lessons

The Take Lessons website offers lessons in a variety of disciplines, including music. I’ve collaborated with them in the past, and their blog features different writers to keep things fresh.

Examples of piano articles they’ve published include “Ultimate Guide to the 5 Most Popular Piano Styles”, “Am I Too Old to Learn Piano?” and “100 Piano Pop Songs Everyone Will Love”. Very appealing!

The Bulletproof Musician

This has been one of my favorite music blogs for years. I love the Bulletproof Musician because his writing is detailed and very interesting – he digs deep into his subjects and provides actual research instead of just opinions.

Topics are diverse and always interesting, ranging from anxiety to practice to focus. Some posts he’s made are “Listening to Music While Studying: OK or Not OK?”, “Does Stress Make Us More Susceptible to Injury”, and more.

Noa also does coaching, has some free resources and even an online course. It’s one of the most popular piano blogs out there for a reason!