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Archive for December 2016

Playing Unusual Time Signatures: Strong & Weak Beats with Examples

Today we’re going to talk about unusual time signatures. We’re going to look at some of the weird counting patterns you might come across, and how to approach them and “feel them out”. This is the second part of a video series about strong and weak beats – if you missed the first one, check…

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Q&A with PianoTV #2: Proper Hand Position and more

In today’s video of PianoTV, we’re doing a second Q&A when I answer four of your questions. They vary in subjects from hand positions to book recommendations. As always, if you have questions of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments. xo, Allysia

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A Brief History of Ragtime Music

We’ve talked about a lot of musical genres that have their origins in Europe, so today I wanted to switch gears and talk about a genre that has its origin in America – ragtime music.

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How to Improvise Chords for Pop Music for Beginners

Today’s video explores a rather loaded subject – how to improvise chords for pop music. This is basically the ability to go online, find a lead sheet or lyrics/chords, and then improvise – make up – your own version without music.

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Q&A with PianoTV: Piano Posture and more

In today’s Q&A session with myself, Allysia of PianoTV, we’re going to tackle four questions that I’ve been asked. Watch the video to see a discussion of all the questions. We’ll discuss piano posture and positioning, and much, much more! xo, Allysia

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How to Play a Melody By Ear: An Overview

In today’s video, we’re going to look at how to play a melody by ear. We’ll do an overview of what it takes, and I’ll share some suggestions and tips that I’ve learned over the years.

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