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It’s been a while since we talked about chords, so today we’ll hop onto the piano and have a little bit of playtime.

We’re going to talk about the three chords to know on piano – or any instrument, really. These aren’t just chords that I think are important. These are the most common chords whether you’re looking at Classical or pop music.

And obviously there are many, many more chords than three, but if you find the topic of chords a little confusing, knowing these three should be a good starting point.
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In today’s video, we’re going to jump over to the piano and have a bit of playtime. We’ll be talking about pretty basic piano finger exercises that are easy to learn but sometimes difficult to execute.

I had a request to talk about piano finger exercises for beginners, so I wanted to share the main thing I teach my beginning students: pentascales, or 5-finger scales.

I love teaching these because not only are they a great warm-up, they’re easier than full scales and you learn some music theory while you’re at it – without even really trying to.

This video is also going to be a launching pad for the next video, which is chord-related. If you have a good understanding of the different pentascales, figuring out chords becomes a lot easier as well. Just a heads up!
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So today’s video is a question I was asked a while ago – how to put emotion in music. I’ve contemplated this question on and off, and I’ve put off doing a video on this topic because I don’t feel like I have a definitive answer for you. I think this is the kind of question that would have as many answers as there are musicians.

So even if there isn’t one true way, I could at least talk to you about how I do it.
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In today’s beginner’s guide to the orchestra, we’re going to go on a tour of the different instruments of the orchestra – what they sound like, how many instruments are used, and what the general set-up looks like. In the next video, I want to chat about the history of the orchestra, and how it has evolved over the years.

My first experience with an orchestra was through band class in elementary school.None of us were very good, but it gave me a distinct idea about different instruments used in an orchestra, and what they looked and sounded like

Then, later on in life, I had to study the orchestra for exams, which I actually feel like boosted my appreciation of symphonies and other orchestral performances, because I understood them better.

So I’m hopeful that if you understand orchestras better, you’ll be able to appreciate them more.

Let’s get started!
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