I just wanted to pop in with a quick video/post about doing a 30 day piano practice challenge. This was an idea that occurred to me while on vacation, and I’ve been excited to get going with it!

Since I’ve been gone nearly a month, I just wanted to thank you for your patience with emails and comments – now that I’m back, I’ll have a chance to read and reply.

My vacation was excellent and relaxing, but now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things with teaching and practicing. It was a nice break, but I’m very eager to practice again.

But summer is a tough time for piano practice. Most of us are busy with family events and camping and traveling and enjoying the good weather. It’s sometimes hard to sit inside and continue committing to the piano.

Because I’ll be just as busy as anyone over the summer, I felt like I needed a little extra push to get me playing piano again. Maybe you feel the same way! If so, I really hope you’ll join me on my 30 day piano practice challenge!

Piano practice challenge

Here’s how it’ll work.

First of all, I’ll be using Twitterfor this challenge.

I’ll be posting a little snippet of what I’m practicing on Twitter, with the hashtag #30daysofpiano. My goal is to do this every single day! It’s really easy to post simple cell phone videos to Twitter, so that’s what I’ll be doing.

I’m not in hardcore practice mode right now, so my goal is an hour a day. Your daily goal could be more or less. Just make sure that you get to the piano every day!

So today is Tuesday, June 26 – which means I’ll be doing this every day between now and August 24. This is going to be difficult and challenging – I almost changed my mind about doing this video and challenge – because I’ll be out of town almost every weekend. But then I remembered that I have a portable keyboard, so come rain or shine, I’m committed to these 30 days.

So I’d love if you play along with me – It’ll help give me some extra motivation if I’m not the only one committed to this challenge, especially with the busyness of summer. I also hope that it would be very motivating and helpful for you as well!

Step by step instructions

So what I want you to do is:

Step 1: Go to Twitter
Step 2: Post a video (however short or long you prefer) of your daily practice
Step 3: Use the hashtag #30daysofpiano so we can all see everyone else’s progress
Step 4: World domination

Hopefully there will be at least a few of us who do this, I think it’ll be fun! And even if there’s literally only one of you out there who wants to do this challenge with me, I think it’ll still be super fun. Let’s be friends and get better at piano!

Let’s make friends!

Also I’d love it if you share this piano practice challenge around, just so we can get more people involved.

Even if you’re going to be out of town a lot like me, and you don’t have a portable keyboard, I say still participate! Maybe you can compensate the practice with some other learning activity. Maybe you can do theory worksheets, or read music (without actually playing music), do ear exercises on a site like Teoria, or whatever. Even without a keyboard there are ways to practice! I actually think it would be really neat to see what you guys would come up with for piano practice ideas without actually having access to a piano.

Anyway, let us commence our practice!

Hope you’ve been having a great summer so far. 🙂