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Archive for April 2016

Classical Period Music: Beginner’s Video Guide (Part 2)

  In the last video, Classical Period Music part 1 (check it out here), we talked about some of the important points of the Classical era, like when it was (roughly 1730-1820), homophony and the sound of Classical music, and the role of instrumental music. If you missed that video, definitely check it out! In…

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10 Strange Facts About History’s Most Famous Pianists [Infographic]

Today’s blog post is something a little different – Brooke Neuman is here as a guest to share 10 strange facts about history’s most famous pianists. To make it extra awesome, she created an infographic. I enjoyed this post when I first came across it, and I’m sure you will too! Now I’ll hand the…

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Classical Period Music: Beginner’s Video Guide

Today’s episode is about Classical period music, and since there’s so much to talk about, I’ve decided to split this into two videos. Honestly this subject is so dense and interesting that we could talk about it for hours and hours, but the focus today is to get a general idea of the period, an…

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Mozart’s Minuet in F Major: Piano Tutorial

In today’s tutorial on Mozart’s Minuet in F Major, K2, we’re going to smoosh together some learning points from previous videos. We’re going to dissect this difficult grade 1-level piece and look at the theory behind it, then figure out how to play it. Here is the sheet music PDF for Minuet in F Major:…

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How to Read a Lead Sheet (With Sheet Music)

In today’s episode of PianoTV, we’ll be building on all the chord information we’ve learned to far, and putting it all together with this episode about How to Read a Lead Sheet. All the chord videos we’ve done – major and minor, 7 chords, diminished chords and suspended chords – can be found by following…

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More on Chords: How to Play Suspended Chords

Today we’re going to head back into the world of chords, and learn how to play suspended chords. We’ve done several chord videos in the past, like how to play major and minor chords, diminished chords, all kinds of 7 chords, and inverting chords. Definitely check out the links if you need a refresher. All…

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What is an appoggiatura? Melody Writing

Today’s video tackles the common melody embellishment, the appoggiatura. What is an appoggiatura? How do they work, and how do you pronounce them? We’ll figure that all out today, without getting way too technical. In a previous video a long time ago, we talked about how to harmonize a melody with thirds and sixths, to…

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Note Stems and Note Stem Direction: PianoTV Q&A

Today’s video is a pretty straight-forward and simple one, but it’s something I see done wrong all the time – and that is note stem direction. As musicians, we read a lot of music, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to notate it. This video doesn’t get into songwriting in the general sense –…

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Telemann Fantasia in G Minor: Piano Tutorial

Today, as a follow-up to our discussion on Baroque music (part 1 and part 2 can be found by clicking the links), I thought it would make sense to do a tutorial video on a Baroque composition – specifically, a Telemann Fantasia in G Minor. This Telemann piece is at around a grade 1 level.…

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