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Hello, friends!

Today’s video is a 1 hour practice session I recorded the other day. I love talking about piano practice, and I’m always looking for ways to improve.

This practice session is completely typical of a light practice day for me. For most beginners, 1 hour of piano practice each day is more than enough. At a more advanced level, it becomes necessary to practice longer than that, but most of us aren’t concert performers or preparing for difficult exams.

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After our discussion on the life and times of Chopin, I thought we’d learn the Waltz in A minor by Chopin, published posthumously (after death).

This composition is originally at an RCM grade 6 level, but I created a simplified arrangement of it for those at around a grade 1 to 2 level. As always, the PDF can be found linked below.

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Today’s video is on the history of Frederic Chopin, a Romantic-era composer who wrote a bunch of remarkable music for the piano. We’ll talk about his life, his love, his personality, and in a separate video (coming soon!) we’ll discuss his music in depth.

Most piano players aspire to play Chopin’s works, which are generally quite difficult (say for example..). Because Chopin is such a mainstay in piano repertoire, it’s helpful to get to know the man behind the music.

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I wanted to talk about the Waltz, a very famous and slightly modern-ish dance and genre (if you consider the 1800s – 1900s modern).

We’ll talk about some of the characteristics of waltz music, and listen to famous examples on both the piano and orchestra. My hope is that this will give you a deeper understanding of this genre, so that when we learn a waltz next week, you’ll already have a good idea of how to interpret it.

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Hi all, and welcome to today’s episode of PianoTV!

In this episode, we switch things up a little to bring you an interview with the editor. It’s silly, it’s ridiculous, it’s filled with cats (or rather, cat).

I hope you enjoy this informal Q&A, where I ask questions like “How do you make the video pictures?” and “What’s the most annoying thing I do when I send you videos?”