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Archive for November 2015

How to play triads on piano (Piano Technique)

Today’s video is about triads, and how to play triads on piano. This is an important piano technique, much like scales – they build coordination and understanding of theory. Triads are great because they’re just chords played in a pattern, and the more chords in your arsenal as a musician, the better!

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Bach Chorale Tutorial: BWV 514, Grade 1 Piano

Howdy! In today’s video we’re going to do a Bach Chorale tutorial, a grade 1 piano piece from his collection the Anna Magdalena Notebook – the collection he wrote for his wife to learn keyboard. We are going to dissect this piece a little, play through it and talk about the practice points, and the…

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ABRSM Grade 1: The Basics

Today’s episode is all about ABRSM Grade 1 (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). In a previous video I talked about grade 1 through the RCM, so if that’s something up your alley, definitely check it out as well.

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2-Octave C Major Scale: Piano Tutorial

Today’s video is a quick C major scale tutorial, and how to transform 1-octave scales (which we’ve learned up until this point) into 2-octave scales. This is appropriate for around level 1 piano. We’re still going to keep it hands separate – all things in good time!

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Mikrokosmos 1: Complete Practice Guide (1/2)

Bela Bartok’s Mikrokosmos 1 is a book you can pick up and start playing from if you’ve never touched a note on the piano in your life. All you need is a basic understanding of how to read basic notes, basic rhythms, and what the letters on the keys are. If you’re lost on any…

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