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How do I get better at sight reading?

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Q&A installment, with the question of “How do IĀ get better at sight reading?” This is a question near and dear to my heart, since sight reading (the act of looking at written music and being able to play it) was never one of my strong suits, and I avoided it…

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House of the Rising Sun – Beginner Piano

Hello! Today’s 6/8 piece is an old folk tune you might be familiar with called “House of the Rising Sun”. It’s beautiful, uses the damper pedal, and a variety of broken chord and arpeggio patterns in the left hand. This piece is best suited to an adult beginner who’s been playing piano for around 3…

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6/8 Time Signature: More on Rhythm

Hi friends! Today’s video is an important rhythm discussion – what is 6/8 time signature, and how does it differ from 3/4? Counting in 6/8 is different than counting in simple time signatures (like 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4), so be sure to get your math brain ready for this video!

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